sympathetic ophthalmia

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severe inflammation of the eye or of the conjunctiva or deeper structures of the eye.
Egyptian ophthalmia trachoma.
gonorrheal ophthalmia gonorrheal conjunctivitis.
ophthalmia neonato´rum any hyperacute purulent conjunctivitis, such as gonorrheal conjunctivitis, occurring during the first 10 days of life, usually contracted during birth from infected vaginal discharge of the mother. The term formerly referred only to gonorrheal conjunctivitis, but now other types are recognized. It is prevented by instilling silver nitrate or other medication in the eyes of the newborn, although in an occasional infant silver nitrate may cause iatrogenic ophthalmia. Called also neonatal conjunctivitis.
phlyctenular ophthalmia phlyctenular keratoconjunctivitis.
sympathetic ophthalmia granulomatous inflammation of the uveal tract of the uninjured eye following a wound involving the uveal tract of the other eye, resulting in bilateral granulomatous inflammation of the entire uveal tract. Called also sympathetic uveitis.
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sym·pa·thet·ic oph·thal·mi·a

a serous or plastic uveitis caused by a perforating wound of the uvea followed by a similar severe reaction in the other eye that may lead to bilateral blindness.
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sym·pa·thet·ic oph·thal·mi·a

(sim'pă-thet'ik of-thal'mē-ă)
Immune inflammation in a noninfected eye after trauma to the fellow eye.
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Complications Incidence AC flare/uveitis 17.6%-100% Mild Hyphema 4%-17.6% Sterile hypopyon 1.5% Lens dislocation 1 case reported Severe/vision VA loss 5.3%-58% threatening VA decrease* 32.3-45.1% Hypotony 3.33%-32% Phthisis bulbi 3.3%-40% Choroidal detachment 2% Retinal detachment 1.6% Sympathetic ophthalmia ?