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, symmetrical (si-metrik, -ri-kăl)
Equal on either side of a central dividing line.
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Reflecting on this case, it occurred to me that if the Melipona had made its spheres at some given distance from each other, and had made them of equal sizes and had arranged them symmetrically in a double layer, the resulting structure would probably have been as perfect as the comb of the hive-bee.
I cannot refrain from once again remarking on the singularity of these complex structures -- a great sandy and generally concave disk rises abruptly from the unfathomable ocean, with its central expanse studded, and its edge symmetrically bordered with oval basins of coral-rock just lipping the surface of the sea, sometimes clothed with vegetation, and each containing a lake of clear water!
The two great easy-chairs were symmetrically arranged on either side of the fire, which had not been lighted since the time of M.
Two bunches of bananas hung from the beam symmetrically, one on each side of the rudder casing.
The dressing- room door being hastily flung open, Mr Mantalini was disclosed to view, with his shirt-collar symmetrically thrown back: putting a fine edge to a breakfast knife by means of his razor strop.
This fair, smooth-faced young man, whose symmetrically arranged hair gave him the air of a large and neat schoolboy, met the Assistant Commissioner's request with a doubtful look, and spoke with bated breath.
The boots ranged symmetrically in a row, and the razors on the dressing-table, told her at once that she had not found the right room yet.
Oh, the solemn woods over which the light and shadow travelled swiftly, as if heavenly wings were sweeping on benignant errands through the summer air; the smooth green slopes, the glittering water, the garden where the flowers were so symmetrically arranged in clusters of the richest colours, how beautiful they looked!
On low inflation the Fed needs to make a stand here and keep inflation symmetrically at 2% so that the U.S.
The specimens are discoidal, lenticular, and symmetrically biconvex and their diameter range in size from 2mm to 6mm.
"We could respond symmetrically, asymmetrically, (or) we could lengthen our own list of 'sanctioned' politicians," Ryabkov told the International Life magazine.