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, symmetrical (si-metrik, -ri-kăl)
Equal on either side of a central dividing line.


equally on both sides.

symmetrical multifocal encephalopathy
inherited disease in two forms: Limousin form appears at about a month old with blindness, forelimb hypermetria, hyperesthesia, nystagmus, aggression, weight loss; Simmental form does not appear until 5-8 months, no blindness, hindquarters affected instead of forelimbs. Euthanasia inevitable in both forms.
symmetrical poliomalalacia
see focal symmetrical spinal poliomalacia.
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The flowchart of the synthesis algorithm of the symmetrically coupled MCML operating in a normal mode is presented in Fig.
3) Notwithstanding this neglect in the literature, program parameters that do not treat these movements symmetrically may matter.
The symmetrically localized definition is independent of the indexing.
Chinese Sun is neither a novel nor a poem, but it contains, almost symmetrically, the elements of both.
When I stood with my hands on my hips and pushed down my breasts did not go symmetrically.
The most common problem in tooling for high-precision gears deals with the ability to cool symmetrically across a gear and uniformly among multiple cavities.
The current arrangement of the school day being symmetrically arranged around noon minimises the number of journeys that children have to make in the dark during the school year.
They should back that commitment with a promise that deviations from the practical definition of price stability will be symmetrically opposed.
Children's bedrooms and bathrooms are laid out symmetrically to either side, and the parents' suite occupies all of the top floor, wrapping around the stair hall.
Key statement: (1) Providing 360 degree circumferential tread restraint; (2) sealingly holding the beads concentric to, and equidistant from, the axis of rotation, and symmetrically spaced about the equatorial plane; and (3) inflating the selected tire to a controlled pressure, and holding the controlled pressure for a controlled time to a controlled temperature above a glass transition temperature of the tire's ply cord material; and before the end of the controlled time, cooling the selected tire below the glass transition temperature.
In a fiber suspension jet introduced symmetrically to a dilution water flow, the suspension was disrupted by a flow restriction placed in the nozzle.
The experiment was performed in May 2002 at the S18 CRG facility at ILL using the skew symmetrically shaped perfect crystal interferometer IFM4.