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, symmetrical (si-metrik, -ri-kăl)
Equal on either side of a central dividing line.
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Unlike all other systems when an application's private keys are compromised and anyone can decrypt the traffic, the symmetric key that is intercepted is only useful for a single, short-lived session.
Coverage includes Schur-geometrically convex functions and Schur-harmonically convex functions, along with applications of Schur-convex functions in symmetric function inequalities.
Symmetric spaces G/H in Table I admit standard compact Clifford Klein forms.
In the unbalanced mode of the three-phase source, the vectors [bar.u] and [[bar.i].sub.A] contain symmetric components of the negative sequence, which the modern Standard [7] refers to inactive components of the current to be compensated.
In this article, a cylindrical symmetric and static solution of the field equations possessing a naked curvature singularity on the symmetry axis, satisfying the strong curvature condition, will be presented.
[2], for example, the well-known spherically symmetric solutions of Schwarzschild, Reissner and Nordstrom, Tolman, and Friedmann.
Unlike traditional RF switch matrices that require multiple chassis in order to scale and meet both symmetric and asymmetric input/output port requirements, Quintech Electronics & Communications ' patented modular asymmetric feature lets customers "customize" matrix sizes in a standard chassis.
X9.24-1 is relevant to PIN-based financial transactions, and it provides requirements and guidelines for secure management of symmetric keying material used in retail financial services transactions and communications.
Using the Lagrangian of plane and spherical symmetric static spacetimes, a complete list of Noether symmetries have been obtained and new first integral have been found.
A Riemannian manifold is said to be Ricci symmetric if its Ricci tensor S of type (0,2) satisfies [nabla]S = 0, where [nabla] denotes the Riemannian connection.
Asymmetric molar and canine relationship is less common than symmetric molar and canine relationship.