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The rise in the number of sufferers has an uncanny correllation to the popularity of Botox injections, SYMBOLOPHOBIA Fear of symbolism.
We summarize the opinions expressed on most of the central topics in a table above, which also gives our estimate of the various levels of symbolophobia present.
This tension can be a clinical precursor of a disorder called symbolophobia.
Doctor and Kahn (1989) have this to say when discussing symbolophobia: "Individuals may fear the symbols themselves with or without understanding their unconscious representation."
Those suffering from symbolophobia take the word symbol to be symbolic of all that is wrong with AI.
A characteristic sign of middle-stage symbolophobia is a tendency to cite authors who died before computers were invented.
This strain of symbolophobia, thought to have been eradicated over a decade ago, has recently reappeared in a new and particularly virulent form.
Middle-stage symbolophobia is difficult to treat, but studies indicate that a strict program of determined argument and explanation can produce relief in approximately 40% of cases.