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NuSMV [26] is a symbolic model checker that appeared as an extension of the Binary Decision Diagrams(BDD)-based model checker SMV.
The symbolic model checker computes the upper bound using the multipolyhedra widening technique with a widening seed s = 2, and it converges after 3 iterations.
Our example shows that the specification of a cache protocol model in the symbolic model checking method is fairly complex, even though we have excluded the data paths.
In this paper, we present a new technique to reduce LTL specifications' complexity towards symbolic model checking, namely, CePRe.
Currently, we are refining our symbolic model checker for SREL based on SMV.
(1) The comparison of BDD-based symbolic model checking and bounded model checking.
This article presents a formal visual language for representing symbolic models as semantic networks that are both comprehensible by people and that compile to a computational form supporting automatic inference.
Some other types of symbolic model, such as decision trees, share with connectionist models this property of being highly constrained.
Srikanth, 1992, "Integrating Mathematical and Symbolic Models Through Aesop--An Expert for Stock-Options Pricing", Information Systems Research, 3:359-378
Electronic media and computer technology have accelerated the process of acculturation by broadening the range of symbolic models available to a society, allowing observers to transcend the bounds of t heir immediate environment and adopt the ideas and behaviors of exemplars from distant locales (often to the chagrin of totalitarian governments).
Both aspired to "resynthesize the symbolic models and organizational mechanisms of collective identity" in the face of tension and crisis and through them the boundaries of the collectivity were relaxed, the barriers which segregated the elect from the unregenerate were dismantled and thus the world was brought into the church.
For example, probabilistic reasoning and symbolic reasoning should be brought together to provide rapid solutions to the likely cases, and explainable alternatives derived from symbolic models for the rarer cases.

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