symbiotic relationship

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symbiotic relationship (sim´bīot´ik),

n in implantology, that relationship assumed by an implant and the natural teeth to which it has been splinted. The continuing existence of their relationship is based on their independence.
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a provider of telecoms equipment) involved in a symbiotic relationship with one or more network operators--that is, involved in a Type 1 relationship--will use the revenue that it receives (Dimension A), together with relevant inputs it has purchased from other network element providers (Dimension B), and the information that it has gathered (Dimension C), in order to generate innovations, such as an improvement in one or more of the network elements it provides.
Most researchers agree that mitochondria are descendants of a formerly free-living bacterium that somehow got inside a cell, where it struck up a symbiotic relationship.
A former union organizer, Villaraigosa knows that workers and employers have a symbiotic relationship that requires the mutual health of both sides.
This symbiotic relationship should supply Kalikow with the opportunity for additional investment opportunities in the future.
These seven essays explore aspects ranging from the possible symbiotic relationship between the playwright and renowned contemporary actors, the difficulties inherent in the construction of gender and "other" in Twelfth Night, a comparison of the images of the virile/effeminate tyrant in treatises of statecraft and Macbeth and Richard III, patriarchal oppression surrounding Renaissance discourse on witchcraft in Macbeth, the relationship between Measure for Measure and James I's Basilikon Doron in terms of sexual and political control, a survey and critique of feminist criticism and theory of Shakespeare studies, and a critique of the apotheosis of Shakespeare in past and current scholarship in an effort to break the habit of "bardolatry.
It's as if Goodwin's metaphorical guardian angels and defensive allegorical structures have fallen away to reveal a more simple truth: our symbiotic relationship to the earth.
They get the symbiotic relationship between safety and productivity, profits, morale and employee retention.
We have almost a symbiotic relationship with Burbank - a lot of our issues are similar,'' said Glendale Mayor Rafi Manoukian.
It's really a beautiful symbiotic relationship," he says.
The newly enhanced Aurora m9700 reflects Alienware's almost symbiotic relationship with its customers, who asked that we reinforce our commitment to personalization by introducing new color options in notebooks," said Mark Vena, Vice President of Marketing at Alienware.
This symbiotic relationship with Shurgard should supply Kailkow with the opportunity for additional investment opportunities in the future," said Kalikow.
At its most basic level, the hydrogen hypothesis contends that a host cell formed a symbiotic relationship with, and eventually engulfed, a bacterium that in some of the host's descendants gave rise to hydrogenosomes and in others to mitochondria.