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From the first to third syllabuses, the grading system was in numerical form only.
In all the syllabuses, the list of recommended works prescribed for each course has not included adequate bibliographical details.
Introducing or upgrading of the syllabuses has been done due to specific factors only.
The syllabuses were strenuous in areas in the following order priority: history of books and libraries, bibliography and reference, abstracting and indexing, building library collection, cataloging and classification (theory & practice), documentation and information retrieval, archives management, library networking and resources sharing, etc.
Nevertheless, no such provision has been made in the syllabuses to be specialized in any area rather all are trained in traditional librarianship.
Syllabuses had to be reshaped in order to accommodate the rising needs of knowing and handling new technologies with practical experiences and applications.
Reflection of the afforested skills has not been accommodated in the contents of all the syllabuses until now.
For the forthcoming syllabuses, here are some suggestions: