swelled head

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swelled head

a disease of rams, a form of malignant edema caused by Clostridium septicum or other Clostridia spp. The swelling and emphysema are present only on the head and neck. The disease is thought to occur as a result of fighting. Called also ovine bighead.

Patient discussion about swelled head

Q. My wife ran a fever 3 days ago. Now has red rash head 2 toe. Her feet r Swelling and she is weak. Any sugg. Any suggestions? She is feeling weak and her feet appear to be swelling.

A. A woman with swelling feet is also suspecting kidney problem because she has only one kidney after her right kidney was removed 24 years ago. She is also diabetic and also taking regular medication for her high blood pressure. Any one of the medications might cause the symptoms. please advise. thanks

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