swelled head

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swelled head

a disease of rams, a form of malignant edema caused by Clostridium septicum or other Clostridia spp. The swelling and emphysema are present only on the head and neck. The disease is thought to occur as a result of fighting. Called also ovine bighead.

Patient discussion about swelled head

Q. My wife ran a fever 3 days ago. Now has red rash head 2 toe. Her feet r Swelling and she is weak. Any sugg. Any suggestions? She is feeling weak and her feet appear to be swelling.

A. A woman with swelling feet is also suspecting kidney problem because she has only one kidney after her right kidney was removed 24 years ago. She is also diabetic and also taking regular medication for her high blood pressure. Any one of the medications might cause the symptoms. please advise. thanks

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Current situation on turkey rhinotracheitis and Swollen Head Syndrome.
His death was not directly related to the assault, which left him with a bruised and swollen head in summer 2006.
He suffered two black eyes, a swollen head, and a footprint was visible on his face.
Joanne Temke's four-year-old son Antony Cotton suffered a fractured collar bone, bruised ribs and a swollen head and stomach when he was hit by a motorbike.
The Frenchman with the big ideas and swollen head seems to forget that only four or so years ago he was on loan at Darlington
For all he has gained, he is genuinely grateful and, as modest as they come, has never come close to having a swollen head or any of the prima donna tendencies that we see so often in other sportsmen, including some of his colleagues.
In an unprovoked attack he was kicked in the head by a gang of thugs who left him bleeding, with a broken jaw, broken nose and eyes that were slits in a grossly swollen head and face.
Not so very long ago he was dismissed as a ne'er do well with a swollen head.
I'm run down, exhausted, cannot stop coughing and have a massively swollen head.
His death was not directly related to an assault, which left him with a bruised and swollen head and cuts to his arms in summer 2006.
When he came in he had a very swollen head and the veins were protruding from his neck.