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1. Making a shift or exchange.
2. The movement of a defined region of DNA within a genome.
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This work studies the analysis of probability densities of multi-scale switching diffusions.
Tradeoff needs to be checked between using common channel and dynamic frequency selection against the cost of switching required on access interface and their impact on power consumption.
ASCHEMANN, Robust and optimal control of uncertain dynamical systems with state-dependent switchings using interval arithmetic, Reliab.
As they were about to begin their presentation, Andrew Perchuk and Anthony Cokes sat down at their laptops and then, without saying anything, manifested an appar ent change of mind by switching places.
In this process, each switching period comprises two consecutive operation steps, each of which lasts for a half of the switching time.
Burnley 2003: 30), given that tacit switchings to plural reference are possible.
It did its job in an exemplary manner, never missing a beat, in spite of my continuous repeating of musical sections and disc switchings.
Automatic switchings control heating elements, cooling blocks, hot plates, heating mantles, cooling systems, or incubators to [+ or -] 1 C.
No process of thought could be punctuated by acts of will, voluntary switchings of attention, and retain its status as a continuous process of thought.
One way consists of counting the actual number of switchings (Audits of Great Britain Ltd.
Such switchings are meant to provide license, so that humour does not officially "count" [11].