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1. Making a shift or exchange.
2. The movement of a defined region of DNA within a genome.
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In this case, students tend not to vary the code used by their teacher or they respond the code used by the teacher, code switching may also occur as an outcome of more than one reason (Dahl, 2010).
Pevear and his company have recognized the trend and OEM's need for heavy-duty switches that are based on technologies other than electromechanical switching. These new technologies are helping to extend lifetimes and casing integration into designs.
Because multiple circulators and isolators are combined to form switching networks, the overall size, mass and insertion loss can quickly escalate.
He added that the switch is equipped to serve 5,000 analog subscribers and 2,000 ISDN subscribers and can be greatly expanded in the future; serves as a gateway to switches throughout Europe and CONUS, including the Defense Red Switch Network, NATO and tactical network gateways; and serves as the host switch for four remote switching units located in the Heidelberg area--which, in turn, collectively serve more than 3,900 analog subscribers and 900 ISDN subscribers in the Heidelberg area.
"Switching Antiretroviral Therapy for Lipoatrophy," by David Alain Wohl, M.D., at: http://www.natap.org (look for the 9th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections report).
Whither Layer 2 switching? Mostly, it's still around, but in different forms.
The apparatus for ecdysone-controlled gene switching can be transferred to mammalian cells, report No and colleagues Tso-Pang Yao and Ronald M.
On the other hand, the engineers probably did not use switching in day-to-day testing and only consider it a minor component in an automated test system.
Dune Networks is a provider of intelligent and scalable switching fabrics and traffic management devices for Internet and storage networks.
The methodology used to build large TDM switching networks depends on the switching system architecture in use.
So we've been talking to them about switching to recycled paper and have also distributed postcards to our members that they can send to Conde Nast asking them to switch."
RF switching is accomplished by movement of RF conductor elements within a rectangular transmission line.