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1. Making a shift or exchange.
2. The movement of a defined region of DNA within a genome.
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Switching chips are the engines that drive the vast majority of communications equipment, moving voice telephone calls, wireless Internet data, video streaming files, and other types of communications signals through network systems.
Performance: Inter-shelf switching has the implementation advantage that theatre no changes required in the disk shelves.
Ethernet switching is the foundation for many of those services.
Access Switching is the latest in softswitch technology and enables access devices, such as the widely deployed Alcatel Litespan, to function as a Class 5 switch, media gateway and as a NGDLC.
The Loop Switch: A Simple, cost-Effective Approach To SAN Switching
The new SMC8024L2 switch is compact and efficient at just 1RU high, and ideal high-bandwidth applications in high-traffic environments thanks to its non-blocking switching architecture to ensure high performance, and the key security and management features workgroup/edge switching demands.
They can be used in single chip designs, in back-to-back mode, or with external switching fabric components via the CSIX common switch interface standard.
This brief examines residential consumers attitudes, behaviours and likely actions regarding switching power supplier for the coming 12-36 months, based upon a survey of households in selected States.
Our 3Com Switch 5500G-EI is ready for prime time against any competitor in enterprise bids for LAN switching worldwide," said Brian Allain, vice president of 3Com's Data Business Unit.
At their best in challenging, high-traffic environments, the SMC8748ML3 and SMC8724ML3 race ahead of the pack with switching capacity as high as 156Gbps for the 48-port switch and 108Gbps for the 24-port version.
Our converged voice and data network requires highly available switching, security and intelligence to keep the network safe and running at optimal levels," said Mark Berkheimer, director of Information Technology for Harrisburg International Airport.