Magnetic Stripe

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An electromagnetic surface that is either coded—e.g., credit or ID card—or codable—e.g., a rechargeable phone card with a small amount of information
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Features that empower nonprofit professionals: Automatic matching of donor information to records in DonorPerfect; For new donors, instant record creation in DonorPerfect from the app; Real-time authorization of payments; Automatic recording of successful payments as gifts in each donor's DonorPerfect record; Acknowledgements can be sent by email instantly after each payment; Process both hand keyed and swiped credit card transactions (encrypted swipe reader available at a nominal cost); Optional signature capture; and, Optional card reader for "swiping" credit cards.
Amano visited the building after environmental "swipes" had been taken at the site.
Tommy Chong's Smoke Swipe is available for $10.99 per 3-pack at and will be landing in head shops and dispensaries nationwide in the coming months.
Congress in 2010, as part of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, directed the Fed to set a cap for swipe fees in order to bring them in line with what it actually costs to process the transactions.
Etsy Card Reader: This reader, from online marketplace Etsy, charges 2.75 percent per swipe and 3 percent, plus 25 cents, for manually entering the card number.
"[I]f the device you're logging in to has NFC, as does your phone, then you can just swipe these two devices close to each other, and they'll log on one to the other....
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Latest upgrades to the Detectamet range of detectable swipe card holders now offer more security and more convenience benefits to users.
District Court Judge Richard Leon ruled in July that the Federal Reserve ignored instructions from Congress when it set a 21-cent cap on debit card swipe fees charged by the nation's largest banks in 2011, reducing the fees from an average of about 45 cents per transaction.
15 May 2013 -- US payments firm Visa (NYSE: V) has offered to reduce its credit card swipe fees on certain transactions in Europe, the European Commission announced this week.
1, 2011, three independent federal agencies--the Government Accountability Office, the Kansas City Federal Reserve, and the Federal Trade Commission--have found that banks exempt from new debit swipe fee rules, including all but three credit unions, have not been negatively affected.
All students and staff have been issued with a swipe card which they will need to access certain parts of the building.