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Q. Hello my name is Nora. Years ago I was told I was bipolar and now am told I am suffering mood swings. Are not being bipolar and mood swings one of the same? This is my second time suffering depression and I have read that usually people do suffer two depressions in their life. Is this true? I was involved in an automobile accident way back in the 70's and had burr holes to relieve the pressure. I am now being told that it is common for people who suffer serious head injuries to have mood swings. True or false?

A. head trauma can alter personality, depends on the place of impact. there is a big difference between bipolar disorder and mood swings. although it look the same it's like walking vs. running, look the same but two very different states. and people can definitely experience acute depression once or twice in their life.

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Duke Ellington's bright music, which ranged from swingy to symphonic, at times overpowered the dance.
Rhodes adapted her style to a younger audience with asymmetrical gingham pouf dresses, swingy pastel boucle jackets and taffeta bubble skirts in paint-stroke prints.
To be a dancer in America in the Thirties and Forties--the decades when Martha Graham was moving earth with her flexed foot, Eugene Loring was playing Cowboys and Indians to Copland, Antony Tudor was pulling G-force expressionism from a classicism in stays, Jerome Robbins was coining character with a jukebox genius for vernacular, and George Balanchine was taking dictation from God (lightning speed, catpaw quiet) and a footnote from Fred Astaire (that swingy, selfless style)--to dance was a vocation.
One can notice, for example, very appropriate crescendos in increasing melodic progressions, low-frequency vibratos in long notes in sad performances and higher-frequency vibratos in joyful ones, accentuated legato in sad performances and staccato in joyful ones, "swingy" rhythmic variations, and attacks from a lower pitch in the sad interpretations versus noisy attacks in the joyful ones.
Fresh Produce offers a popular solution in its short and swingy little fish-print beach dress.
Her hair was swingy and shiny, and she looked pretty again.
The 56th is swingy, going back and forth among both parties at the top and bottom of the ticket.
Whether you're looking for a swingy knit tank, a boxy woven tank, a tank with added design features or a great everyday basic, we've done the pattern research for you.
The motif was carried over into the waist of her low-hung, swingy bottom half.
Some of the best pieces were the swingy kick-pleat skirts, in felted wool and later on in velvet.