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(1) An extramarital relationship more driven by physical gratification than by polyamory—the desire to develop emotionally involved relationships with extramarital partners
(2) An alternative lifestyle for consenting adults who enjoy social recreational sexual activities with others, most often on a couple-to-couple basis, but may also involve singles, with full knowledge and mutual consent of both partners
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One of the posters advertises George's appearance, after his record feat, at the Arcadia where he gave a performance of sword swinging as part of a variety show "on the stage that made him famous" , sharing the bill with acts such as Jack Lloyd, "the original singing collier" and juvenile comedienne Miss Dolly Lancaster.
A long-hanging swing in a brooder will fill up with baby chicks all swinging in a row and is just the cutest thing to see!
"Once we get people to understand that the swing plane is a tilted ferris wheel versus an upright one, they do better because they swing around their body versus swinging vertically," Holdridge said.
Jerry Mitchell's choreography doesn't require super technique, he says--"It's five basic '60s steps." But swinging on the show requires super swinging skills, because of the amount of partnering and the subtle differences among the tracks (their pathways onstage and backstage).
Repeat until your swinging motion is smooth and comfortable.
There are two types of USB cable on offer here--the "swinging USB cable," which swings through 90 degrees in either direction.
As the fierce winter just past buried fairways and greens under snow, golfers resigned themselves to putting on the carpet, swinging in the garage and watching the pros play in sunny climes on TV.
Swinging Bridge at The Chapin Estate, 48 scenic home sites ranging in size from five to eight acres, set in 5,600 acres of wilderness and bordering the spectacular Swinging Bridge Reservoir in Sullivan Country, N.Y., are now available from The Woodstone Companies.
From "Method of Swinging on a Swing," a patent application by Steven Olson, a seven-year-old boy from St.
It has just given out a patent for a "method of swinging sideways on a swing".
(In fact, the swing content in Swingers was close to zero, even if it did depict in passing some swing dancing-which, Judge tells us, "was enjoying a small underground rebirth in Los Angeles at the time.") And "there were a few people who had been swinging before Swingers"including, as it happens, Mark Gauvreau Judge, who took up the pastime in the D.C.
Those swinging days with rhythm and blues, black suits and bowties in wall-to-wall red carpeted cabaret clubs are a glorious part of the past and the way we like to remember them.