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The two swimmers still in the water swam towards our injured swimmer.
Good swimmers tend to be above average for lung capacity.
The purpose of choosing swimmers instead of any other sports person was that previous studies have shown that swimming produces maximum effect on the lungs compared to any other sport.
Swimmers from all over the country, some as far as from Oranjemund competed in this event at the Olympia swimming pool in Wndhoek.
John Fitzgerald of Open Water Swimmer Ireland said: "To date over 150 swimmers have taken part in Open Water Swimmer Ireland events in Lough Key, Lough Ennell and Gougane Barra.
Khade, Sejwal and long distance swimmer Gagan AP were the only three swimmers who competed at the world meet.
against Tunisian swimmer Osama Maloli that broke records in swimming
Hopefully out there, we have the next great Emirati swimmer," he said.
The swimmer learns to adjust and control the body and to utilize the effects of water so that he/she becomes happy, water confident, and safe.
There are many ways to adapt a breathing pattern for the individual swimmer.
Despite a the trials being concluded yesterday at the Moi International Sports Centre (MISC), Kasarani, Kenya's top three swimmers including United Kingdom-based Rebecca Kamau alongside Issa Abdalla (United Kingdom) and Emily Muteti (Thailand) have missed out on the selection for the Club Games.
It had been found that the critical swim speed (m/sec) for a swimmer was about 90% - 95% of their 400 m swim speed and measurement using helps to judge the target time for training of the swimmer as well as a measure for assessing the aerobic capacity of the swimmers [1].