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8220;The overall goal is to maximize exposure for The Sweetest Parties in Internet search engine rankings,” explains Matt Gallo, a senior marketer for Prospect Genius.
The Sweetest Dream masterfully recreates the dilemmas and delusions, as well as the defiant heroism that defined so much of a layer of youth won to the revolutionary refusal to endure the price capitalism commanded in the 1930s.
That performance proved Sweetest Revenge had carried her form over to turf and there must be every chance she can complete a quick-fire hat-trick this afternoon.
I'm not sure even special agent Dana Scully could make sense of "The Sweetest Swing in Baseball," which casts one-time "X-Files" star Gillian Anderson as an altogether different Dana: a painter at the end of her proverbial rope.
Separating the sweetest, saltiest stories are pages and pages devoted to recounting everyone who performed at every inaugural ball, fundraiser, and state dinner of the last half century.
Students will be able to paint pictures of a "Morning Dove," portray the images of clouds in "Autumn Skies" or explore the beauty of the dream world in the nocturnal lullaby "The Sweetest of Dreams.
It is an experience during which "in glorious revolt from the drabness of the city, the camper drinks in the wine of the sunset, lays his head close to fresh and smelly earth-things, and is lulled to sleep by that sweetest symphony in all the world -- the patter of raindrops on the tent roof.
The sweetest thing about the Debutante Ball--besides those proud fathers waltzing with their daughters--is the way the debs' sisters, cousins and friends all turn out for their big night, cheering as each steps out into the limelight.
In Italy once I caused a car crash, that was the sweetest revenge.
Germany continued to be the sweetest export country with a market share of 26%, followed by Britain, France and the US, with 12%, 8% and 7%, respectively.
That bitter kick from the tannins did not keep chimps away from the sweetest treats, the team reports in the July OECOLOGIA.
Oh, have you heard, and it was not long ago, how they killed the sweetest singer of cajun zydeco?