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Medspeak A term borrowed from sports for the part of a device, manoeuvre or other system which is most effective in producing a desired effect
Sports medicine The part of a bat, golf club, tennis racquet, etc., which is most effective when striking a ball
Vox populi An optimal point—e.g., for pricing an item or ensuring the maximum effect of a therapy by optimal dosing, timing of ingestion, etc.
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Finding the bullet seating sweet spot begins by taking measurements of the cartridge rim to bullet ogive.
In the 18th century, European mathematicians Leonhard Euler and Joseph-Louis Lagrange discovered that in this rotating frame there are five gravitational sweet spots, now called Lagrange points.
One possible way to achieve this design goal is to rely on certain bias points and power operating conditions, the so-called large-signal intermodulation distortion (IMD) sweet spots, which lead to improved carrier-to-IMD ratios (IMR) near the zones where power-added efficiency (PAE) is maximized.
Thanks to its composite makeup, the Ultra II provides a larger-than-normal sweet spot. Typically, sweet spots are defined by players in one of two ways --the amount of vibration felt by players when they hit the ball (less vibration equals a larger sweet spot) or the portion of the bat barrel where they find the top levels of performance (a larger sweet spot on the barrel equals more good hits).
* Identify your motivational "sweet spot" and leverage it in all you do
On this axis, at the focal point, is a "sweet spot" where images of stars and planets are as sharp and crisp as they can be.
The Zip drive is a classic example of a product that was launched right into its sweet spot and stayed there for a few incredibly profitable years.
(4)Ranking of Kellogg's Low-Fat Granola cereal, Keebler Sweet Spots cookies, Kellogg's Frosted Bran Flakes cereal, General Mills Multi Grain Cheerios cereal, and Kodak Gold Plus film among the highest grossing new products introduced into supermarkets in 1992: 1,2,3,4,5
"But we've gotten a lot better at finding avalanches' sweet spots." Ready, aim, fire--and the ski runs are made safe for another day.
Golf clubs, too, like the tennis racquet, have wider sweet spots, bigger heads, and practically no corresponding weight.