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Medspeak A term borrowed from sports for the part of a device, manoeuvre or other system which is most effective in producing a desired effect
Sports medicine The part of a bat, golf club, tennis racquet, etc., which is most effective when striking a ball
Vox populi An optimal point—e.g., for pricing an item or ensuring the maximum effect of a therapy by optimal dosing, timing of ingestion, etc.
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Finding the bullet seating sweet spot begins by taking measurements of the cartridge rim to bullet ogive.
No two guns are alike and is the reason each will have a unique bullet seating sweet spot.
Using recent developments in the understanding of PA IMD under small- and large-signal regimes, this article shows that large-signal IMD sweet spots are not particular to a specific transistor or PA topology, but are inherent to a large variety of PA circuits and active device technologies such as Si MOSFETs.
With the PA operation classes precisely defined this way, the focus can be on the large-signal IMD sweet spots.
To identify, and sweeten, your sweet spot, answer these questions:
How would I characterize my sweet spot, and what evidence supports that conclusion?
Granted, meeting that "multiread" spec will add a few dollars to the manufacturing cost and such DVD players won't be available until early 2001, but it's harder than ever, now, to doubt that DVD-RAM is in a very sweet spot indeed.
In computer simulations, the researchers found that debris could have collected at either L4 or L5 into a Mars-size protoplanet and then been nudged away from its sweet spot by other gravitational pulls.
But a security sweet spot is available for WiFi mobile access from Citrix Online, a division of Citrix Systems, Inc (Nasdaq:CTXS).
To read the complete Executive Summary of "VoIP Finds Its Sweet Spots - You May Be Surprised Where" or to order the White Paper go to Connecticut Research's web site, www.
What you'll discover is a 3/8- to half-inch sweet spot that produces the fastest arrow speeds.
Even an 1/8-inch outside this sweet spot may dramatically decrease arrow speed, but may be necessary to eliminate string contact.