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Herbal remedy made from Petasites hybridus; purported uses in therapy for GI tract, GU tract, and in skin disease. Hepatotoxicity noted; as with most herbals, levels of active agent in formulation vary by manufacturer and batch.
Synonym(s): sweet coltsfoot, Western coltsfoot.


An herb from which an herbal remedy is made for treatment of migraine headache and allergic rhinitis.
Synonym: Petasites hybridus


n Latin names:
Petasites hybridus, Petasites officinalis, Tussilago petasites; parts used: buds, leaves, roots, stems; uses: sedative, diuretic, pertussis, asthma, cough, arthritis, irritable bowel syndrome; precautions: pregnancy, lactation, children; can cause nausea, vomiting, liver damage, constipation, stomach cramps, discoloration of the epidermis, dyspnea, carcinogenesis from pyrrolizidine alkaloids. Also called
blatterdock, bog rhubarb, bogshorns, European pestroot, flapperdock, langwort, sweet coltsfoot, umbrella leaves, or
western coltsfoot.