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Herbal medicine
A bushy annual culinary and medicinal herb that contains camphor, estragol, eugenol, linalol, lineol, tannins, and thymol; basil is antipyretic and carminative, and has been used for abdominal bloating, cramps, diarrhoea, and nausea. It is also grown indoors in southern Europe as a fly repellant.


(Ocimum basilicum, O. sanctum) Herb widely used in Meditarranean cuisine (e.g., pesto). Studies confirm utility in lowering glucose levels; also purported value as an analgesic, antioxidant, and antiulcerative.
[L. basilicum, fr. G. basilikon, royal]

basil (bāˑ·zl),

n Latin names:
Ocimum basilicum, Ocimum sanctum; parts used: leaves; uses: antiseptic, antidiabetic, immune system stimulant, antiinflammatory, ulcers, arthritis, anxiety, flatulence, coughs; precautions: pregnancy, lactation, infants, diabetes, extended usage; do not use with insulin or antidiabetic medications. Also called
common basil, sweet basil, or
St. Josephwort.
basil, holy,
n Latin name:
Ocimum sanctum; parts used: leaves, seeds, root; uses: in Ayurveda, pacifies kapha and vata doshas (pungent, bitter, light, dry), immunomodulation, antistress, antimicrobial, antiasthmatic, anticarcinogen, radioprotective, bronchitis, cold, fever, cough, laxative, stimulant, cardiotonic, indigestion, appetite stimulant; precautions: constipation. Also called
sacred basil, surasa, tulsi, or
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Basil, holy.


finished dressed leather made from sheepskin.
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The book is a must for anyone interested in Italy's vibrant culture and cuisine, featuring 80 mouth-watering recipes such as traditional pesto from Liguria and fresh, sweet basil and ripe tomatoes from the sun-drenched south.
The most common form is sweet basil, which is most notably used in culinary practices.
In English, it is green curry with chicken, aubergines, chillies and sweet basil, pounds 7.
95) - steamed mussels with lemongrass and sweet basil served with tangy fish sauce, fresh chili, garlic and lime juice - had every kind of explosion going on in the mouth you could wish for.
The set includes 11 packets of the following vegetable and herb seeds: Coriander, French Parsley, Sweet Basil, Courgette Bush Black Beauty, Lettuce Little Gem, Tomato Maskarena, Chilli Pepper Jalapeno, Carrot Chantenay, Spring Onion White Lisbon, Leek Blue Green Winter and Radish French Breakfast.
Everything good takes time," says the label on Camp bell's Tomato & Sweet Basil Bisque Slow Kettle Style Soup.
24] Sweet basil is also a source of aroma compounds and essential oils containing biologically active constituents that possess insecticidal, nematicidal, fungistatic and antimicrobial properties.
Its offerings number almost 50 kinds of herbs, which run the gamut from garlic cubes and sweet basil to shallots, parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.
Jake Bliven, a bartender at Eugene's Sweet Basil Cafe, is one of 14 American finalists with a shot to go to the Finlandia Vodka Cup in Finland in January.
The sliced chicken breast came swimming in panang curry paste-infused coconut milk and garnished with sweet basil leaves.
This stir fry of aubergine, tofu, soya beans, various vegetables, sweet basil and chilli oil was a wonderful and elegant thing full of contrasting textures and packed with spicy and umami flavours.
How many do you know that would do a whole sea bass fillet lightly fried and topped with red curry or coconut sauce flavoured with lime leaves and sweet basil.