sweat duct

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duct of sweat glands

the superficial portion of the sweat gland that passes through the corium and epidermis, opening on the surface by the porus sudoriferus or sweat pore.
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Acrospiromas are a family of tumors so named because of their theoretical differentiation toward the acrosyringium (the portion of the sweat duct that passes through the epidermis).
"We have just laid down some critical fundamentals of sweat gland and sweat duct biology," Lu said.
The last major studies on proliferative potential within sweat glands and sweat ducts were conducted in the early 1950s before modern biomedical techniques were used to understand fundamental bioscience.
Excisional biopsy revealed benign neoplastic changes of sweat duct consisting of broad anastomosing bands in the deeper parts of epidermis extending to dermis.
Syringomas are benign intraepidermal tumour of eccrine sweat ducts mostly found in women at the time of adolescence.
Hence although formerly thought to be of mixed origin now syringoma is considered to be benign appendage tumour of intra- epidermal eccrine sweat duct.Histopathological differential diagnosis should be fibrosing basal cell carcinoma desmoplastic trichoepithelioma microcystic adnexal carcinoma.
The second conspicuous group of neoplasms of our series (cases 45-52) was characterized by prominent tubular structures, as an expression of tumor differentiation toward the dermal portion of the sweat duct; such tumors have been termed eccrine ductal adenocarcinomas[11] or simply ductal carcinomas.[16] Tubules, sometimes dilated or small with small lumina, were variously mixed with solid islands, nests, and cords of neoplastic cells.
Various theories postulate eccrine ductal blockage without damage to sweat ducts,16 hyperkeratinization and obstruction of eccrine sweat duct,17 blockage of neuroglandular transmission and inhibition of secretory mechanism at cellular level.18
Syringoma, first described by Biesiadecki and Kaposi, is a benign appendageal tumour of intraepidermal eccrine sweat duct.1 The disease manifests as multiple, flesh-coloured 1-5 mm papules around the eyelids and upper cheeks of adolescent females.
It refers to depression of surface epidermis not related to opening of sweat duct or pilosebaceous duct and is filled with keratin and pinkish exudates.
Researchers investigating the impact to the skin from 5G's higher millimeter frequencies are "raising the warning flag" on the safety after finding that mmW are absorbed into human sweat ducts that can operate like tiny helical EMF antennas at much higher rates than in surrounding skin structures.
PRICKLY HEAT This rash is a reaction to sunlight, causing blocked sweat ducts. If you can, avoid the heat, and take cool baths and showers, or use air conditioning.