bayou, swampy

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swampy, sluggishly moving inlet found predominantly in Louisiana and Mississippi.
Bayou virus - a form of hantavirus carried by the rice rat, found in Louisiana and Texas, causing human hantavirus pulmonary syndrome.
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Holland wasn't the only young thesp battling the elements on set: Suraj Sharma spent months preparing for the "Life of Pi" shoot, while Quvenzhane Wallis battled swampy bayou conditions during the "Beasts of the Southern Wild" shoot.
Home to the royal Bengal tiger, the country provides out of the ordinary activities such as swamp safaris where visitors take wooden dinghy boats to explore the swampy bayous of Ratargul.
For an oil-and-gas megalopolis that rose out of the swampy bayous, all of these sustainability initiatives amount to, at a minimum, a substantial change of emphasis.