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To pass anything through the fauces, pharynx, and esophagus into the stomach; to perform deglutition.
[A.S. swelgan]
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v. swal·lowed, swal·lowing, swal·lows
To cause (food or drink, for example) to pass through the mouth and throat into the stomach.
To perform the act of swallowing.
1. The act of swallowing.
2. An amount swallowed.

swal′low·er n.
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To pass anything through the fauces, pharynx, and esophagus into the stomach; to perform deglutition.
[A.S. swelgan]
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To pass anything through fauces, pharynx, and esophagus into the stomach; to perform deglutition.
[A.S. swelgan]
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Patient discussion about swallow

Q. Is it dangerous to swallow a bubble gum? My 4 year old child always swallows his chewing gum and I am worried that it can harm him

A. what about when your 45 yrs old and still swallowing gum? we had a debate with my older sister about this.

Q. Why is it hard to swallow when you have a sore throat? I was sick last week. I had a sore throat pain in my neck and fever. the most annoying symptom that i had was pain during sallowing. what is the source of that pain, and what can I do to ease it next time?

A. When you have an inflammation in your body, the sick area hurts when its palpated. when your neck is inflamed, you have a pain in the neck. when the inside part of the neck is inflamed you have tonsillitis.
When you eat something, it touches your inside of the neck, and if it's inflamed it will be painful.
The good news is that you can treat this pain in the same way you treat other inflammatory pain - hot (NOT boiling) tea.

Q. mouth ulcer and difficulty to swallow, below right side of inner tongue guggle salt water and vinigar dose'nt help

A. how big is it? mouth ulcers has a reason why they happen. sometimes a broken tooth, biting a sharp metal, a prosthetic that doesn't sit well..that sort of things. but sometimes it is caused by other stuff. any way, oral hygiene may relieve some of the symptoms. Topical (rubbed on) antihistamines, antacids, corticosteroids, or other soothing preparations may be recommended for applying on top of the ulcer. Avoid hot or spicy foods.

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