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Etymology: OE, swethel, swaddling band
1 long narrow bands of cloth once used to wrap a newborn.
2 a method of wrapping a newborn, especially a premature or at-risk newborn, that provides maximal comfort and containment.


Wrapping an infant snugly with arms covered in a blanket or cloth.


Wrapping an infant in soft materials to restrain reflex body movements and help the child to rest and sleep. It is a traditional practice used in the care of fussy or hyperactive infants, in whom it appears to have a calming effect on reflex motor activity.


Swaddled infants may occasionally suffer hyperthermia. In addition, the impact of swaddling on sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) may depend on the materials used and the position of the infant after his or her movements are restrained.
swaddle (swod′ĕl)
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The Sleeping Swaddle features lightweight, breathable fourway stretch cotton to provide comfort and prevent overheating and is available in four sizes: Extra Small to Large, and retail for $39.
Even so, he encourages parents to swaddle their babies from birth for 12 to 20 hours each day (Karp, 2002, p.
Swaddle says that he was investigating another finch habit when he noticed female zebra finches losing interest in video images of their mates.
If you'd like to swaddle your infant, get a quick lesson from one of many online videos (http:// www.
These moms were more likely to put their infants to sleep on their backs (the proper position) than moms who didn't swaddle.
From his home in Trevelyan Drive, Blyth, Daniel's father Paul Swaddle said: "We have mixed emotions about it, of course.
PUZZLED Resident Richard Swaddle, 24, with son Lewis, is left scratching his head after a speed limit sign was erected on a building site in Newcastle - for nine and a HALF miles an hour
He had trials last year in London, then he got selected after that," said Miss Swaddle.
These blankets may be structured to fit a baby's shape, long enough to wrap around his body, and might have fasteners to prevent an infant from pulling the swaddle loose.
Our new School Council members are: Kate Nicholas, Dylan Atkinson, Jessica Porteous, Ben Willis, Georgia Smith, Reece Smith, Fatos Genc, David Cram, Elaine Swaddle, Rhys Hogg, Hayley Mepham and Sean Bell.
You can make a swaddle from a flat sheet, but you can also buy them.