suture ligature

su·ture lig·a·ture

a ligature applied by passing a needle with attached thread through or around a structure to more firmly secure the ligature.
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3gm% in conventional suture ligature group, which is statistically significant (P value = 0.
Randomised control trial of LigaSure versus conventional suture ligature for abdominal hysterectomy.
A vaginal exam is then performed to ensure that the suture ligature is above the level of the vaginal fornices.
Whereas I employ the same dissection and suture ligature techniques used during the early cases of interval cerclage, more recently I have employed the classical technique using the two attached 48-mm needles to direct the Mersilence tape through the broad ligament just medical to the uterine vessels at the level of the isthmus.
25) If identification of the bleeding point is difficult, percutaneous placement of a suture ligature over a roll of gauze or using a Foley catheter to tamponade the bleeder can be helpful.
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This was controlled with a clamp and suture ligatures.
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