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(soo-toor'a) (soo-toor'e?) plural.suturae [L. sutura, a seam]
1. Suture (1).
2. An immovable fibrous or cartilaginous joint.

sutura dentata

A sutura with interlocking of bony processes resembling the teeth of a saw.

sutura harmonia

A simple apposition of two contiguous bones.

sutura limbosa

A beveled suture in which opposing margins fit in parallel ridges as between the parietal and frontal bones.

sutura notha

A false suture with ill-defined projections.

sutura serrata

A suture with deeper and more irregular indentations than a dental suture.

sutura squamosa

A suture formed by the overlapping of contiguous bones by broad beveled edges as in the suture between the squamous portion of the temporal and parietal bones.

sutura vera

A true suture in which no movement of united bones can occur.
See: synarthrosis
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