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(mer'mĕr), Avoid the misspelling murmer.
1. A soft sound, like that made by a somewhat forcible expiration with the mouth open, heard on auscultation of the heart, lungs, or blood vessels. Synonym(s): susurrus
2. An other-than-soft sound, which may be loud, harsh, or frictional; organic cardiac murmurs may be soft or loud and harsh; pericardial murmurs usually are frictional and are more properly described as "rubs" rather than murmurs.
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Oldroyd (1970)--Described Ancylorrhynchus striatus from Urundi (present day Burundi), recorded crux from the same country, and provided a key to 23 Afrotropical species (apicalis, braunsi, cruciger, crux, fulvicollis, funebris, humeralis, hylaeformis [sic, = hylaeiformis], insignis, maculatus, magnificus, munroi, nomada, nyukinus, pretoriensis, quadrimaculatus, reynaudii, splendens, striatus, susurrus, unifasciatus, variegatus, zonalis).
describes Gibson's argument (Gibson 2001) of the relation of the phrase lepidus susurrus as an allusion ('un'allusione', 14) to Theocritus' first Idyll and his 'veiled allusion' (una velata allusione, 14) to Egypt in calamus, while in the paper, both are described (translated?) as 'hints' (Graverini 2006, 9); yet when he reaches Virgil's levis susurrus he refers to the 'Theocritean intertext' and the 'intertextual structure' of the phrase (17).
Ancylorhynchus susurrus: Oldroyd 1980: 360 (catalogue).
All too soon, without any offer of seconds, the efficient waiters cleared away the empty bowls to a brief susurrus of praise.
1 Susurrus Fancy walking around a park and taking in some drama at the same time?
TAUTONYMIC SEQUENCE OVERLAPPING PALINDROMIC SEQUENCE 2-letter overlap 4T over 4P OGOGGO (Ethiopia) 4T over 6P SUSURRUS 6T over 3P BARBARA, TSETSES 6T over 5P CIUCIULUI (Romania) 8T over 4P BUNABUNAAN (Philippines) 10T over 3P INDELINDELE (Congo Republic) 10T over 5P ANTANANTANANA (Madagascar) an M + M + 3P SW and also a 10T + 3P SW 4T over 5P REREFER, ULULALU 4T over 7P SASARARAS 6T over 4P CINCINNI, CUSCUSSU 8T over 3P ANAPANAPA (web2) 10T over 4P KOUANKOUANNA (Mali) 3-letter overlap 8T over 5P GHARGHARAH (Afghanistan) 10T over 5P QUINAQUINANI (Peru) 9.
(74) Eine analoge Verbindung von Erotik und Zauberei weist ferner das Substantiv susurrus auf: Es bezeichnet auf der aktorialen Ebene ein verliebtes, liebkosendes Flustern und ist daher mit dem Verb permulcere semantisch eng verwandt; so wird das Liebeswerben des verbrecherischen Thrasyllus um Charite als 'ruchloses Flustern' (susurros improbos) (75) bezeichnet.
An intense tinnitus, and like that last a hint to us, perhaps, of the sound eternity is-- the great susurrus of silence avant la lettre, so to speak.
Susurrus, written and directed by David Leddy is a play without actors and without a stage.
Instead of counting sheep she imagined coyotes slinking out of canyons, Mexicans tunneling under fences, the susurrus progress of snakes.
Here are some trial-and-error pairs: AAAACCRR (from CARACARA)/RRSSSUUU (from SUSURRUS) 42.71 units AAABBHKL (from KABBALAH)/RRSSSUUU (from SUSURRUS) 42.78 units AAABEGHL (from GALABEAH)/RRSSSUUU (from SUSURRUS) 42.81 units AAABBCLS (from CABBALAS)/MSSTTUUU (from TSUTSUMU) 43.00 units AAABBCLS (from CABBALAS)/NRSTTUUY (from UNTRUSTY) 43.26 units AAABBCLS (from CABBALAS)/RRSSSUUU (from SUSURRUS) 43.46 units
Nothing uttered by aphid or amphibian had a meaning other than Here I am: for these were the plangent peeps of drifters breasting the oceanic night-tide; and the wind's susurrus came and went, came and went, riffling the water's silver skin - from which, now and again, a thin mist swirled skyward, shot out a writhing beard, and vanished.