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(mer'mĕr), Avoid the misspelling murmer.
1. A soft sound, like that made by a somewhat forcible expiration with the mouth open, heard on auscultation of the heart, lungs, or blood vessels. Synonym(s): susurrus
2. An other-than-soft sound, which may be loud, harsh, or frictional; organic cardiac murmurs may be soft or loud and harsh; pericardial murmurs usually are frictional and are more properly described as "rubs" rather than murmurs.
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(15) This description, especially the "susurration" alluded to in the last sentence, provides an echo of Walt Whitman's celebration of democracy in Leaves of Grass.
lA British 1-2 in the Group 3 one-mile race at Saint-Cloud as Susurration (John Gosden/Frankie Dettori) beats Dolpour (David Elsworth/ Cash Asmussen).
It flowed visibly around sculpture, vases, and kimchi jars, stroking the larger pieces, as Jack had described; It moved through like a storm front unfolding over low hills and a wooded plain, a silent susurration. The head stoker signaled me to close the port.
Or is it something altogether more mercurial and harder to contain, part of a continuing conversation that is itself enveloped in the susurration of the tribe; the hum and buzz of humanity talking to itself?
The removal of his small testicle has made the world of difference to Selkirk (Ian Balding/Ray Cochrane), who beats Susurration (John Gosden/Walter Swinburn) in a Listed event at Kempton.
This was a congregation far too decorous to shout "Hallelujah!" but a WASP susurration of assent swept through the nave of the church whenever one of the speakers formulated a particularly high-minded aphorism: "Let us value the quality of life, not the quantity." "Suicide ends the living process; euthanasia ends the dying process." The featured speaker was a professor of ethics who declared that although self-determination for the terminally ill was a praiseworthy cause--indeed, a sacred trust--the members of Hemlock must never compromise their moral probity by going too far.
lLydia Pearce, disqualified in controversial circumstances after finishing first in the race last year, makes no mistake as Susurration (John Gosden) beats Sure Sharp (Barry Hills/Lucinda Stopford-Sackville) in the ladies' contest.
The incessant susurration of capital is something, like the sound of the subway, to which the New Yorker becomes accustomed.
Pearce has won the race, and the prize of a piece of diamond jewellery, twice, on the John Gosden-trained duo Susurration (1991) and Badawi (1992).
The horn duo in the finale were stirringly secure, but the palms must go to Sally Harrop for her woody, incisive clarinet, and to Diane Clark for her purring, wide-eyed flute susurrations in the central allegretto.
(63) But in that brief moment of near escape Charite's Epona-like pose and susurrations in Lucius' ear there is a whiff of the divine and, perhaps, a subtle pointer to the final book.
Soon the girls turned to leave, armored with their susurrations, and I remained, clawless, pacing in the dark.