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Essential food or nutrients required to support or maintain life.
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Very weak I was already; without sustenance I should surely die.
To depend upon this valley for sustenance she now saw to be beyond the pale of possibility because of the banths that would keep her from food and water by night, while the dwellers in the towers would doubtless make it equally impossible for her to forage by day.
There is a wonderful amount of sustenance in the first few words of love.
These gave sustenance to immense quantities of beaver, so that the voyagers found no difficulty in procuring food.
And even better, for are we not armed with ages of superior knowledge, and have we not the means of protection, defense, and sustenance which science has given us, but of which they were totally ignorant?
"Here," he said, "is sustenance until I return again.
We must also think of our sustenance. You are too enduring, my child!
His mind, reverted to the primitive, was untroubled by any more serious obligations than those of providing sustenance, and safeguarding his life.
And part of the provisions of the law is that deserting your spouse especially without sustenance is a criminal act.
Human life whirls around one thing and that one thing is sustenance; food.
'Do you know Hajveri Foundation provides sustenance to 90 orphan children?
The villagers have not only lost their homes but their crops and cattle, thus they have no means of sustenance.