sustained action tablet

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sus·tained ac·tion tab·'let

, sustained release tablet
a drug product formulation that provides the required dosage initially and then maintains or repeats it at desired intervals.

sus·tained ac·tion tab·let

, sustained release tablet (sŭ-stānd akshŭn tablĕt, rĕ-lēs)
Drug product that provides required dosage initially and then maintains it.
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Ltd ranked first despite a share of less than 2% due to the support from Servier (France) that began to cooperate with it in 1987 to produce gliclazide sustained release tablet.
Preparation and in vitro evaluation of sustained release tablet formulations of diclofenac sodium.
Whether it is an immediate release tablet, powder fill capsule, sustained release tablet, chewable tablet, quick dissolve tablet, liquid or powder, we offer numerous options to provide for your custom product needs.
Applications of Terahertz Pulsed Imaging to Sustained Release Tablet Film Coating Quality Assessment and Dissolution Performance," J.
Fampridine-SR is an oral, small molecule drug contained in a sustained release tablet form.
They know whether a medication is cheaper in one sustained release tablet versus multiple immediate release tablets.
Catalytica's R & D arm, which has expanded from 16 to 130 employees since 1997, was key last spring in producing clinical trial batches for a client's sustained release tablet.
Tenders are invited for Paroxetine 25 Mg Sustained Release Tablet
Tenders are invited for Diclofenac Sodium Or Potassium 100 Mg Sustained Release Tablet
This supply agreement provides exclusive rights to Nestle Nutrition to market a sustained release tablet form of SR CarnoSyn beta-alanine made by NAI, under various existing and pending US and international patents, in the field of sports nutrition.
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