sustained movement

sustained movement,

n movement held at end of range of motion to determine its effects on the symptoms. This position allows for lengthening of the soft tissue being stretched resulting in increased range of motion.
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But how do we translate that into a sustained movement to transform society?
Jody Mason reads the work of left-affiliated writers in Canada as the literal representation of a politically organized and popularly sustained movement for social change that actually threatened inter- and postwar liberal hegemony, a movement that would not be ignored and could not be repressed.
The retired servicemen voiced support for Musharraf and decided to set in motion a sustained movement for his protection in Lahore.
By putting on events which are fun and accessible, we can reach out to more people and create a sustained movement for environmental sustainability within our college.
Yemen saw thousands of people on the streets last week to protest against the three-decade rule of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, and although it has not translated into a sustained movement so far, the threat to stability remains.
There seems to be a sustained movement in the country to get back to regionally produced products and what better way to build on this movement then to grow fresh, tasty produce within the cities that we live.
This is down slightly from the prior week (26%) but is basically a continuation of the pattern of little sustained movement in either direction since January.
The report states: "Soft market conditions are expected to usher in a period where average rental rates fluctuate from quarter to quarter but show little sustained movement either up or down.
Union, also created in 1993 to John Corigliano's music, was an exercise in sustained movement, the seven clustered dancers progressing with elegantly outstretched limbs from upstage left to downstage right as if in one extended breath.
We have yet to see a sustained movement away from gas-guzzlers.

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