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In his last dealings with this man Bulstrode may have kept his hands pure, in spite of my suspicion to the contrary."
Disdain hath power to kill, and patience dies Slain by suspicion, be it false or true; And deadly is the force of jealousy; Long absence makes of life a dreary void; No hope of happiness can give repose To him that ever fears to be forgot; And death, inevitable, waits in hall.
Troy's suspicions took a different direction: they pointed along the line of streets which led to Old Sharon's lodgings.
On the suspicions thus urged and supported, Neville was detained, and re-detained, and the search was pressed on every hand, and Jasper laboured night and day.
It was plain that Sergeant Cuff's suspicions of Rosanna had been roused by something that he had found out at his examination of the servants in my room.
We sent Granet back because of a suspicion which may be altogether unjustifiable.
If he declined to accept it, he would instantly confirm the horrible suspicion in Clara's mind.
Had we taken a quicker initiative at the time Larsan told us that lie about the cane, I am certain he would have gone off, to avoid suspicion. All the same, we worried Larsan or Ballmeyer without our knowing it."
Her memory of the night interview with Miss Jethro had inevitably intensified the suspicion inspired by the conduct of Mrs.
"And that was just what confirmed my suspicion that it was not.
These two began presently to scrutinize the characters of the several young girls who lived in any of those houses, and at last fixed their strongest suspicion on one Jenny Jones, who, they both agreed, was the likeliest person to have committed this fact.
if I could confide to a stranger a suspicion roused in me by the Trial which I have been thus far afraid to mention even in these pages!