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In some ways, those of who have been kind of advocates - or let's say protest; have protested mass suspicionless surveillance, dragnet surveillance of American citizens - have been in almost a sci-fi sense wondering what those sorts of powers could be used for in the wrong hands.
64) Regulating the purpose of suspicionless intrusions is relevant because it deters abusive police conduct.
174) For example, the Court has permitted suspicionless searches at fixed roadblocks that are for the primary programmatic purpose of stemming "the flow of illegal entrants" into the United States, (175) "preventing drunken driving," (176) or identifying evidence of a recent crime.
5) These police actions usually share three characteristics: (1) they occur pursuant to a legislative or executive branch policy, written or unwritten, that officers are directed to follow; (2) they seek to ferret out or deter undetected wrongdoing, usually within a designated group, rather than focus on a particular crime known to have already occurred; and, relatedly, (3) they are purposefully suspicionless with respect to any particular individual, and thus will almost inevitably affect a significant number of people not involved in wrongdoing.
15) For every judicial pronouncement about the sanctity of the home, (16) the inviolability of private papers, (17) or the despotism of general warrants and writs of assistance, (18) there is a decision uncritically legitimating a suspicionless, warrantless search power, including powers to seize mere evidence.
809, 834 (2011) (describing generally the Court's shift toward the acceptance of suspicionless search programs in schools and other contexts); Christopher Slobogin, The World Without A Fourth Amendment, 39 UCLA L.
Defense attorney Laurie Bender on Wednesday argued that the jail's practice is illegal and that recording Nelson's conversations for potential investigative purposes without first obtaining a warrant amounts to "a suspicionless search.
3d 547, 557 (Alaska 2001) (approving suspicionless drug testing for some police officers and firefighters).
As Deborah Caldwell, ALA's Deputy Director of the OIF, reports, "For the first time in fourteen years, the government has no authority to conduct mass suspicionless surveillance under Section 215 of the Patriot Act.
The court rightly found that Section 215 of FISA does not authorize this sort of mass, warrantless and suspicionless surveillance, but instead requires that its powers be used only if the information sought is relevant to a particular suspect under investigation," said CAIR Senior Staff Attorney William Burgess.
the Supreme Court took up the question of whether schools could conduct suspicionless drug searches in Vernonia School District v.
After hooking student interest through a discussion about the government's war on drugs and the public's interest in reducing drug use among youth, Garcia gave a quick lecture on the Fourth Amendment's protection against unreasonable searches and seizures, as well as Supreme Court cases that applied it to random, suspicionless drug testing in public schools.