suspension stability

sus·pen·sion sta·bil·i·ty

a very slow sedimentation rate.
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suspension stability and effective solids dispersion.
A new breakthrough suspension for deluxe and premium plus trim levels increases dampening at the top and bottom of seat travel, providing additional suspension stability and avoiding hard stops at travel limits.
In this section, the influence of the inner loop gain coefficient P, actuator delay and levitation current with a certain degree of perturbation on the static suspension stability for the vehicle are studied.
Baun, Influence of pH and media composition on suspension stability of silver, zinc oxide, and titanium dioxide nanoparticles and immobilization of Daphnia magna under guideline testing conditions.
As it was found in the previous study, addition of high polymer concentration in nanoparticle silica will decrease the particle size and improve the suspension stability [15].
Zeta potential and associated suspension stability are: 0 mV - little or no stability, 15Mv- some stability but settling lightly, 30mV-moderate stability, 45mV-good stability, and 60mV- very good stability.
The resulting profiles suggest that increasing the pH causes an increase in the size of gold nanoparticles and the reduction in suspension stability. Here, attention should be paid to the mechanism of the reduction process occurring in the reaction within the mixtures of different pH values.
At the same time, we also notice that the sprung mass' stabilization time is significantly reduced, a fact that allows immediate reestablishment of the front suspension stability, compared to the passive model.
Studies of the suspension stability of the blood in pulmonary tuberculosis.
The surface of Ag particles is charged (called Zeta-potential), whose magnitude dominated the suspension stability of particles.
Our earlier suspension stability measurements made in the presence of CMC (M = 2.5 x [10.sup.5]) indicated that with increasing ionic strength, higher and higher dosages of the polymer were required to disperse both dolomite and illite particles.