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Colloquialism for orthodontic appliances.


Colloquialism for orthodontic appliances.


An orthodontic appliance consisting or brackets cemented to the surface of each tooth and wires of stainless steel or nickel titanium alloy. Braces are used to treat malocclusion by changing the position of the teeth.
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Colloquialism for orthodontic appliances.
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The results show that the amplitude of the oscillatory tension force and corresponding fatigue stress in a suspender cable may be determined by relating vehicle traffic passing over the bridge to the vibration response of the cable.
If you usually opt for a twopiece, add variety to your lingerie repertoire and try out a figure-hugging corset such as Midnight Grace by Figleaves Azalea basque, pounds 48, and thong with detachable suspenders, pounds 14 (08444 932 932/
"St Valentine's Day and Christmas are our traditional peak sales periods for stockings and suspenders, but the powerful combination of celebrity influence and the weather means that we've had to change our buying patterns to accommodate customer demand." Stockings are again being worn visibly, whether smart or casual.
Said a jubilunt firm spokesman today: " The Fashion trend has headed towards suspenders and stockings :and.
If you feel at your sexiest in soft pastels, look to Triumph's pink satin and lace bra, pounds 45, suspenders, pounds 39, and g-string, pounds 22.
Bras are RRP pounds 45 to pounds 49, briefs RRP pounds 16 to pounds 36, suspender is pounds 35 and the basque is pounds 82.
Business adviser Mr Moore said: "The big turning point came in September last year when the company supplying their suspender belts ceased trading.
People were a bit shocked when you first wore suspenders for an interview in the White House.
Inspections for structural integrity include inspecting suspension wire rope and/or strand electromagnetic and visual inspection; wind cable electromagnetic inspection; suspender visual inspection; complete suspension and suspender cable tension and load studies; support tower inspection; ultrasonic thickness gauging-under supports; ultrasonic (guided Wave) integrity inspection--entire span length; anchorage integrity inspection; suspension rope in saddle inspection-visual and/or radiography; and anchor bolt and attachment/termination inspections.
The saddles will cradle the suspender cables at the peak of each tower and transfer the bridge's weight down through the towers.