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I don't suspect myself, though such cases have been known.
Then I suppose it's Ferdishenko; that is, I mean, you suspect Ferdishenko?
Well," replied the cardinal, who could not for an instant suspect the loyalty of Treville, and who felt that the victory was escaping him, "well, but Athos WAS taken in the house in the Rue des Fossoyeurs.
I always suspect their elders of not having done that kind of reading themselves.
The second, who was wiser, laughed at this simplicity; but the third, who was wiser still, answered, "Let us go in, however, for he may think we should not suspect him of going amongst his own countrymen.
I accuse nobody, and I suspect nothing," she broke out abruptly.
Smith suspects his regard for Marianne, disapproves of it, (perhaps because she has other views for him,) and on that account is eager to get him away;-- and that the business which she sends him off to transact is invented as an excuse to dismiss him.
Qila Gujjar Singh police had registered a case against prime suspect Munawwar Hussain, his two associates Abdul Ghafoor and Sajid under section 355 (assault or criminal force with intent to dishonour a person), section 504 (criminal intimidation) of the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) and section 16 of Maintenance of Public Order.
A 46-year-old man was at the church checking on it for security purposes when the suspect approached him, asking him for change.
Upon frisking, the suspect yielded a sachet of suspected marijuana.
The arrested were identified as: first Emirati suspect A.
The first, second and third suspects stormed the building and poured gasoline on the ground and upper floors, while the fourth suspect poured the same substance onto the building from outside.