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Sensitive or responsive to stimulus.
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a. Receiving or ready to receive penetration in sexual intercourse.
b. Receiving or ready to receive male gametes or nuclei during sexual reproduction: a receptive hypha; receptive stigmas.

re·cep′tive·ly adv.
re·cep′tive·ness, re′cep·tiv′i·ty n.
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Simultaneously the majority of public is in shocks which are brought by the crisis event; as the public are in great need for information to fill the gap between their anxiety and the lack of information, they are likely to be susceptive to any information, and then most people are very interested in the rumor.
Abandoning the dangerousness (3), concept vague in itself and subject to the influences of the social and political field, the current tendency is of opposing the violence concept, violence being connected to real actions in relation to others and not based on phantasms, which are susceptive of affecting physical integrity (Millaud, Gendron & Aubut, 1992), and the violence risk concept, respectively.
This will make the filter cheap and easy to fabricate and also less susceptive to fabrication tolerance.
Sales of cars and those at department stores, both of which are susceptible to market situations, slowed down from the unease in financial markets, while sales at large discounters, which are less susceptive, rose 5.6 percent year-on-year.
These generative response tasks are configured in ways that permit simple scoring but have the characteristic of being highly susceptive to life-stage influence.
From a more general perspective it is notable that the investigation finds democratic polities not more, nor less, susceptive to the forces of ethnicity, but sees ethnicity merely as one element in polis politics.
ATRL being a simple hydro-skimming refinery is having less discretion on the product mix makes it more susceptive to losses during unfavorable times.
Faces are frontal, all eyes, eternally receptive and susceptive of divine grace.
[8], after exploring temporal features of BR, concluded that BR is not susceptive to minor temporal displacements of VS.
ICRA notes that volume growth in CV segment remains susceptive to relatively niche market presence of SML and MFT.
Based on crop loss general curve theory [27] that their different part named by Pedigo and Hutchins [23], regression curve between crop loss and levels of bored internodes in CP69-1062 cultivar is named 'Hyper susceptive' response.