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Continued existence; persistence of life.


Medtalk The length of time that a person lives after being diagnosed with a particular disease. See Disease-free survival, Event-free survival, Five-yr survival, Median survival.


Continuing to live, e.g., under conditions in which death would be the expected outcome.

Patient care

Health care professionals are sometimes asked by patients or their families how long a patient may be expected to live, because he or she has a serious illness or has already reached an advanced age. Even in intensive care units, predicting how long some one may live is difficult. Some illnesses (e.g., widely metastatic breast or lung cancers) leave a patient with weeks or months of life. Some traumas (e.g., gunshot wounds to the brain, heart, or great vessels) confer a survival of hours or less. A patient who is not responding to resuscitative efforts can be expected to live for minutes. For patients who are not at the extremes of illness or injury, several predictive tools can be used to provide crude estimates of survival. The Karnofsky Performance Scale, the Palliative Prognostic Indicator, and the Palliative Performance Scale, for example, can be used to gauge survival in grave illnesses. For average members of the population, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (National Center for Health Statistics) publishes tables that estimate the life expectancy of Americans based on their current age.

graft survival

Persistent functioning of a transplanted organ or tissue in a recipient of that organ. Survival rates of transplanted organs are influenced by many factors, including the age and health status of both the donor and the recipient of the graft, the immunological match between the donor and the recipient, the preparation of the organ before transplantation, and the use of immunosuppressive drugs. For some organ transplantation, graft survival approximates 90%.

Patient discussion about survival

Q. What are the best ways of surviving breast cancer? My sister is 35 and was leading a happy family life till last month. Her recent diagnosis of breast cancer disturbed her family life. Some of her friends threatened that it may sometimes lead to death. Is that true? With advance medical conditions, I hope I can save my sister. What are the best ways of surviving breast cancer?

A. There is nothing to worry by hearing your immature friend’s words. They may be illiterates. I am a two time breast cancer survivor. Continue to have mammograms even if you have had a mastectomy. I had a recurrence 2 years after my mastectomy. Doctors have only recently started ordering mammograms for mastectomy patients because they thought there was no need. Also make sure you take whatever medication is prescribed. I have a friend who suddenly stopped taking medications due to the side effects and the cancer returned. So take care seriously. Blessings!

Q. what are the symptoms of leukemia? and what effective treatment is available for it that increase survival chances ?

A. Leukemia isn't one disease but rather a group of many diseases. The major types are acute and chronic myeloid and acute and chronic lymphoblastic leukemias.

The signs and symptoms may vary, but usually result from deficiency of the normal blood cells due to the influence of the leukemic (actually malignant) cells. Therefore patients may suffer from superficial bleeding (due to deficiency of platelets), weakness and pallor due to anemia (deficiency of red blood cells) and infections due to deficiency of white blood cells.

Other signs and symptoms may include enlargement of the spleen and liver, fatigue, anorexia and weight loss, enlargement of lymph nodes, headache, sweating and fever.

The treatment depends on the specific type of leukemia, but generally includes chemotherapy and bone marrow transplantation from a donor.

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Q. How fast can primary amyloidosis spread? And what is the average survival rate for this disease?

A. Your best bet for one-stop shopping for amyloidosis information on the net is There is also a Yahoo group named amyloidosis and also a mailing list named amyloid hosted by the Association of Cancer Online Resources. The amyloid list has around 500 subscribers, amyloidosis Yahoo group has maybe half that many. Face-to-face support for patients and caregivers is also available in most large metropolitan areas two or three times a year. See for details.

To join the amyloid list, see

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Earlier diagnosis for prostate cancer and breakthroughs in treatment for advanced disease have seen overall survival across all stages of the disease rise from 80.2 per cent in 2006 to 87.1 per cent.
Health director-general Datuk Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah seconded this, adding that survival data on cancer have long been recognised globally as crucial for monitoring the effectiveness of cancer control program.
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Ministry of defense set a target of 1 million trees achieving 0.7 million with survival rate of 70 percent.
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