surgical spirit

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surgical spirit

0.5% methyl salicylate, 2% diethyl phthalate and 2.5% castor oil in industrial methylated spirit (IMS) to 100%, used as an astringent and mild antiseptic (see Table 1)
Table 1: Topical agents with astringent/anhidrotic action
AlcoholIMS; 70% isopropyl alcohol; spirituous lotions, e.g. 3% salicylic acid in IMS; surgical spirit; evaporates to cool skin and reduce maceration
Formalin10% solution causes a toughening effect on epidermis (may cause hypersensitivity)
AgNO320-25% solution (higher strengths can be used as NaCl in sweat mitigates the action of AgNO3)
Tannic acidAs dusting powder, or as borotannic complex giving an antifungal action
HamamelisWitch hazel: cooling effect
CalamineLotion or cream with a mild astringent and absorbent action; it will take up 1.5 times its own weight of water
Salicylic acid 3%Astringent and antiseptic as a lotion or dusting powder
Burow's solutionAluminium acetate ∼5% solution; diluted 1:3 in water to reduce sweat flow
TalcAntipruritic and absorbent; used as a base for dusting powders and to lubricate the skin
Dusting powdersAstringent medicament (e.g. tannic acid, salicylic acid), or antifungal medicament (e.g. boric acid, undecenoic acid) and lubricating applications in a talc, kaolin and/or zinc oxide base
OthersAgents that coincidentally show astringent/anhidrotic action include potassium permanganate, sodium polymetaphosphate, ferric chloride and compound tincture of benzoin

Note: Astringents act variously to cause protein precipitation (and thereby reduce epidermal maceration), cooling of tissues, constriction of sweat ducts and skin lubrication); anhidrotics act variously as cooling agents, astringents, and to alter epidermal reaction to retained sweat (e.g. reduce friction at the skin surface).

Both are used to control hyperhidrosis and bromidrosis by preventing the accumulation of sweat, increasing the skin's reaction to the action of sweat, and to compensate for any loss of resistance to infection at the skin surface.

IMS, industrial methylated spirit.

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He said he uses surgical spirit on his and while it's agony when you put it on, it clears them up very quickly.
smelly of hyperhidrosis, TIP Try using a disinfecting soap, before rubbing feet with surgical spirit or hand hygiene gels.
I went to the National (Theatre) to do Guys and Dolls and it kick-started my love affair with the theatre after doing Victoria Wood and Surgical Spirit and things like that.
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To help things a little, I always stay with my sows when they are farrowing - firstly, because they like the company and reassurance, and secondly, so that I can dry off each piglet as it's born, treat its cord with iodine and surgical spirit, and help it latch onto a teat.
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If the dirt is not released by trimming use a cotton bud soaked in surgical spirit on the affected area.
Police are investigating whether she was the victim of a 'fry', a cigarette contaminated with surgical spirit and said to taste of surgical alcohol and petrol, which was allegedly given to her by two men in Baron's nightclub in Swansea.
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