surgical scrub

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surgical scrub

1 a bactericidal soap or solution used by surgeons and surgical nurses before performing or assisting in surgery.
2 the act of washing the fingernails, hands, and forearms with a bactericidal soap or solution in a prescribed manner for a specific period before a surgical procedure.
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Surgical scrub procedure

sur·gi·cal scrub

(sŭrji-kăl skrŭb)
Systematic handwashing of fingernails, hands, and forearms before undertaking a surgical procedure.

surgical scrub,

n a health care provider's first hand and arm wash of the day prior to entering a sterile surgical field. It involves a systematic routine in which a minimum of 10 minutes are spent lathering, soaking, and brushing one hand and arm and then the other.


1. low trees and bushes. Called also browse. Edible enough for livestock to graze them especially when more conventional feed is short. Lopping of this material for feeding is a husbandry practice in some arid zones. Lends itself to indigestion in ruminants because of its indigestibility, especially if it is the main article of diet.
2. to cleanse by vigorous scrubbing with a brush. See also surgical scrub (below).

scrub animal
one from grade parents, non-descript and not showing the predominant characteristics of any breed. Generally applied to agricultural animals.
scrub ironbark
brideliaexalta, B. leichhardtii.
scrub-itch mite
scrub kurrajong
pimeleamicrocephala, P. pauciflora.
see scrub (2).
scrub suit
the outer, protective clothing worn by operating room personnel. Usually specially prepared within the hospital's sterilizing facility to minimize contamination in the surgical suite.
surgical scrub
the ritualistic presurgical preparation of hands and arms by surgeons and their assistants. Includes thorough, vigorous and systematic cleaning with a brush of all skin surfaces. Persons prepared in this manner are then considered 'scrubbed-up', ready to take part in the surgical procedure, and are not allowed to touch any nonsterile surfaces.
scrub tick
see ixodesholocyclus.
scrub typhus
a disease of humans transmitted by Trombicula akamushi and resident in rodents which serve as reservoirs. Called also Japanese river fever, tsutsugamushi disease.
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BD surgical scrub products have been used and trusted in hospitals for more than 30 years, and are offered in a flail line to meet every surgical scrub need and preference.
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