surgical scrub

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sur·gi·cal scrub

(sŭrji-kăl skrŭb)
Systematic handwashing of fingernails, hands, and forearms before undertaking a surgical procedure.
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All participants in the study were informed of camera monitoring, but they were not informed that they were being monitored for surgical scrub duration during the initial four weeks.
"Despite a strict adherence to the aseptic protocol, the highest bacterial colony counts were found 30-90 minutes after the surgical scrub, possibly implicating the surgical scrub, as the weakest link of standard infection prophylaxis protocols," he added.
* Artificial nails of any type should not be worn by anyone undertaking a surgical scrub, due to the potential for increased microbial count.
While we have explored several aspects of surgical hand antisepsis we have not yet challenged the most fundamental question: is there any evidence to support the surgical scrub? I referred earlier in this article to Caroline Hampton, the scrub nurse who washed her hands with carbolic acid and mercuric chloride.
By using Gibbs' Framework for Reflection (1988) I will endeavour to explain my perception of the developing role of the ASP within the operating department, reflecting on my own experiences during my time as a student surgical scrub practitioner.
Removing micro-organisms from the hands with an aqueous scrub requires performing a 'surgical scrub'.