surgical mask

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surgical mask

A single-use filtration device made of fabric and wornover the nose and mouth of surgical staff to prevent contamination of the operative field and to protect the wearer from splashes and splatter.
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emanating from or pertaining to surgery.

surgical abdomen
see acute abdomen.
surgical cap
an accompaniment to the surgical gown (below) which covers the head, and sometimes facial hair, of members of the surgical team; the object is to avoid contamination of the wound.
surgical fever
resulting from extensive tissue damage in major surgery.
surgical gut
see catgut.
surgical insemination
carried out by gaining access to the uterus by surgical means including per vaginam and via laparotomy.
surgical instruments
a group of instruments used in the performance of surgical operations. Nowadays there are subdivisions including ophthalmic, orthopedic, vascular, gut, thoracic and obstetric surgery.
surgical mask
a protective covering over the mouth and nostrils of members of a surgical team, usually held in place by tapes tied over or behind the head, intended to minimize wound contamination.
surgical needle
see needle.
surgical pins
see pinning.
surgical scissors
see standard surgical scissors.
surgical shock
shock occurring as a result of massive or traumatic surgery. To a large extent the term is a contradiction because one of the principal objectives of surgery is the avoidance of shock but there are occasions, e.g. in a major resection of the gut in a horse or a cesarean in a mare, when extensive handling of heavy viscera is unavoidable and shock must be considered as inevitable unless preventive therapy is provided.
sterile surgical pack
all of the instruments and other equipment such as drapes, gloves, etc. required for a particular operation, or part of an operation, specially arranged, wrapped and sterilized by autoclaving then stored for future use.
surgical suite
a group of rooms designed to provide all surgical services to patients. Includes surgery, preparation and anesthesia for the patient, sterile preparation of the surgeon, instrument and materials sterilization and storage, instrument cleaning, and recovery room.
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We are proud to provide the antimicrobial technology for the SpectraShield 9500 Surgical Mask, the only antibacterial and anti-viral surgical mask available that can aid in the protection of first responders, healthcare professionals and patients.
Surgical masks can filter particles as small as five microns, which converts to about 5,000 nanometers.
The Centers for Disease Control recommends that persons with influenza wear surgical masks to prevent transmission to susceptible individuals.
The new analysis of results from an Australian and Chinese study that compared the efficacy of N95 respirators and surgical masks in blocking transmission of influenza and other viruses to health care workers showed that the relatively expensive and uncomfortable respirators were not significantly better than surgical masks for preventing transmission, Holly Seale, Ph.
With fluid and splash resistance that surpass industry standards, the 1870 respirator and surgical mask reduces the risk of wearer contact with blood and body fluids.
39123 Halyard Fluidshield ASTM Level 2 Expanded Chamber Surgical Mask with Ties
The Smart-Seal surgical mask features a, "cinch and hug" single-tie design that creates a custom seal around the wearer's nose and mouth.
Even by oddball LA standards Wacko caused a stir in his latest bizarre get-up - a surgical mask and black veil.
Instead, improvement in surgical mask design, antiseptic-impregnated devices, or prevention of microbial adherence to device surfaces may make more of an impact than anything else.
In the four years since the disaster, when Pam had to wear a surgical mask for 24 months, she has been a beacon of hope to all the other survivors and has shown the kind of superhuman courage that would put the rest of us mere mortals to shame.