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In our case we could continuously monitor our TT tube through the surgical field and we manoeuvred it under direct vision.
Our goal was to substantiate the recently hypothesized transmission pathway of potential pathogens (1,6) from a heater-cooler unit to the surgical field by an airborne route in a cardiac surgical operating room equipped with an ultraclean air ventilation system.
Women undergoing laparoscopic hysterectomy for a benign indication may forego a mechanical bowel preparation as such preparation did not improve the surgical field.
The primary outcome measure was change in cardiovascular responses of mean, systolic and diastolic blood pressures and HR after surgical field infiltration.
Among 29 surgeries that lasted long enough for a second culture to be taken at 90 minutes, the surgical field was contaminated in 12.
The treatment of serious complications from the poor visibility due to excessive bleeding in the surgical field and the possibility of neurological damage makes it important for anaesthesiologists to produce optimal surgical conditions.
Surgical teams will notice the effective clearance of surgical smoke allowing better visibility for the surgeon and a safer surgical field for the staff with the elimination of exposure to the hazards of surgical smoke.
5 cm) flexible neck and handle that can be maneuvered away from the surgical field.
Most surgeons trained before 1988 operated while viewing the surgical field with their eye attached to the laparoscope.
This cutting edge, lamp-less, environmentally friendly backlight technology enables longer product life while conserving energy in the sterile surgical field.
And so to ensure the functionality of the surgical field Emergency Center, pavilion number 50 and number 10 of the new pavilion for the duration of construction and reconstruction.