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With automakers putting increasing emphasis on designing appealing Interiors, surfacing software is coming into play early in the development process to help new model teams visualize concepts and make initial decisions without making expensive prototypes.
The new packaging is built on core foundation packages for modeling and drafting, with packaged options covering a broad range of engineering disciplines including surfacing, assemblies, multi-axis manufacturing, sheetmetal, routed systems (piping, harnessing, cabling and HVAC), structural steel and shipbuilding.
As a member of the PTC i-Series, the styling and surfacing suite of tools feature native integration with Pro/ENGINEER and interoperability with other PTC i-Series members via PTC's unique Associative Topology Bus (ATB).
Tighter integration between styling and surfacing tools such as CDRS and PTC's mechanical design tool Pro/ENGINEER gives us fuller control of design intent from concept to production," said senior designer Niall Hamilton, therefore Ltd.
The ICEM Surfacing Center of Excellence provides customers with the tools needed to address a broad range of surface and styling needs, from 2D sketches to Class A surfaces.
Leveraging the new ICEM Surfacing Center of Excellence, CDRS 2000i introduces a new conceptual design tool called Warp that allows the designer to manipulate a model early in the design phase by twisting, bending, stretching and tapering.
We will continue to provide the next generation surfacing technology of ICEM Surf to Ford Motor Company as well as the entire automotive surfacing community," Kuederli added.
The ICEM Surfacing Center of Excellence provides styling and surfacing solutions spanning the entire design to manufacturing process.
In addition, Eaton noted that, "Through the Board's Playground Grant and Surfacing Program, over 80,000 tires that would otherwise end up in landfills or illegally disposed, will be recycled and processed into rubberized playground surfaces or running tracks.
Additionally, the 1998 "Playing It Safe Report" which surveys the safety of America's playgrounds determined that 85 percent of the playground facilities surveyed in California lacked the proper protective surfacing necessary to comply with state and federal standards.
Gartner Group believes that providing robust, Class 1 surfacing capabilities is critical for leadership in the CAPE II market, and will become a growing requirement for a wide range of users looking to enhance aesthetic and structural product innovation," stated David Burdick of Gartner Group.
Once the transaction is complete, SDRC plans to integrate Imageware's advanced surfacing technologies into I-DEAS, while continuing to strengthen the stand-alone capability and direct data links to other CAD environments.