surface area

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surface area (SA)

the total area exposed to the outside environment. The surface area of an object increases with the square of its linear dimensions. Volume increases as the cube of the object's linear dimensions. Thus the larger of two objects of the same shape will have less surface area per unit volume than the smaller object. Most loss of body heat is from the body surface.
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Upon completion of the projects, have the students determine the volume (V) and surface area (SA).
Considering the required wound surface area, we now have to also incorporate the surface area of the wound our bullet can create in our formula.
The key concept highlighted in the alveolus example is that the amount of surface area affects the capacity of the lung tissue to function; the quantity of bumps, projections, and branching pathways is proportional to the structures' capacity to function and, thus, sustain life.
Thus, the net available surface area of the racks varies with the size and number of racks, and number of rack rows.
To study the effect of ball size on the specific surface area of the product, energy consumption and the ratio E/S, various balls of sizes 4.
We are trying to find a line that intersects the graph of f(x) in order to minimize the surface area.
Hence, two mosaics of aerial photographs (from 1951 and 1972) and one Landsat-7 ETM+ image (2001) were used to quantify changes in lake surface area over the last five decades of the 20th century.
Helping students establish a relationship between the total surface area of a three-dimensional solid and the area of a two-dimensional net should help them in understanding total surface area conceptually.
On the microscopic scale, the surface area of particles and materials has an important effect on their behavior.
In the present experiment we found that surface area to weight ratio of egg masses of laboratory reared Boophilus microplus Izatnagar isolates which were fed on healthy non-immunized calves, influences the hatchability of egg masses.
The distribution of surface area per member states will be taken up in the overall compromise on the reform of the common market organisation (CMO) for wine that the European Commission submitted, on 25 February, to the EU's Special Agricultural Committee (experts from the EU27 in Brussels).
The first updates the list of Macaronesian sites which now includes 211 sites with a total surface area of 5,385 km[sup.