suprapubic lithotomy

su·pra·pu·bic li·thot·o·my

lithotomy in which the bladder is entered by an abdominal incision immediately above the symphysis pubis.
Synonym(s): high lithotomy
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Through his experience with suprapubic lithotomy, Groves progressively mastered the suprapubic approach for urologic disease.[sup.15] A publication from 1911 reported his experience with transvesical prostatectomy.[sup.16] There are sources that indicate that Groves performed the first prostatectomy in 1887,[sup.15] the same year it was reported by McGill in Leeds, UK and 4 years prior to Goodfellow who described perineal prostatectomy.[sup.17] To the best of our knowledge, there are no documents that describe Groves' surgical technique and no documentation of the location and exact time of the first procedure.
2.: The Bullfrog Tavern (Guelph, Ontario) where Groves proceeded to his first suprapubic lithotomy (taken from All in the Day's Work).