suprapubic catheter

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su·pra·pu·bic cath·e·ter

(sū'pră-pyū'bik kath'ĕ-tĕr)
Urinary drainage device inserted into the bladder through the lower abdominal wall above the symphysis pubis. Indications include urethral trauma, vaginal surgery, or long-term catheterization.
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SUPRAPUBIC CATHETER: used to drain urine

suprapubic catheter

A catheter that permits direct urinary drainage from the bladder through the lower abdominal wall from a surgically fashioned opening located just above the pubic symphysis. Suprapubic urinary diversion is typically but not exclusively used as a temporary means of decompressing the bladder when the urethra is obstructed, e.g., in children with congenital deformities of the penis or urethra, or in adults with bladder outlet obstruction. When it is used for this purpose, it is considered a bridge before definitive surgery. See: suprapubic aspiration of urine; illustration

Patient care

The nurse observes for hemorrhage or prolonged hematuria and signs of local or systemic infection. Aseptic technique is used during dressing or equipment changes. Bladder irrigation is performed as prescribed. Medications, e.g., analgesics, antispasmodics, and bowel stimulants, are administered as prescribed. The patient's ability to micturate is evaluated. Intake and output are monitored and recorded. Fluids are forced unless otherwise restricted to ensure passage of dilute urine.

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The surgical risk of suprapubic catheter insertion and long-term sequelae.
After suprapubic catheter insertion a total of 1500 ml of clear urine was drained.
Other post-operative teaching includes irrigation of the suprapubic catheter and dressing change.
While the text is unwaveringly superb, I am disappointed at the lack of accuracy and clarity of some of the illustrations, Particularly the line drawings, For instance, a digital block is illustrated as being administered at the level of the nail, Schiotz tonometry is shown with the patient upright rather than supine, and an illustration of a "spinal needle" for a suprapubic tap is obviously a suprapubic catheter over a trocar.
Really severe acute episodes may sometimes require hospitalization for intravenous antibiotics and bladder drainage using a catheter put in through the abdominal wall (suprapubic catheter).
If the stricture was completely obliterated and the patient had suprapubic catheter, an antegrade cystoscopy was done to evaluate the bladder, bladder neck, and posterior urethra till the verumontanum.
A suprapubic catheter was considered but the bladder could not be identified on abdominal ultrasound.
(7) Cystotomy closure was done after keeping a suprapubic catheter and bringing out both the infant feeding tubes through a tiny opening on the anterior bladder wall and abdominal wall.
* Catheters should always be stabilised and if long-term catheterisation is considered; refer the patients to a urologist for a suprapubic catheter.
"A suprapubic catheter is not for everyone, but I can't think of any patients I've dealt with who were displeased with it once they got it," said Sue Butcher, APRN, a clinical nurse specialist and co-chair of the Oklahoma MS Society's Clinical Advisory Committee.
Failure of Foley catheter placement would then be an indication for a suprapubic catheter.
During open surgical repair 3 months after the hysterectomy, a suprapubic catheter was placed in the patient's bladder and a Foley catheter in her urethra.