supragingival plaque

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su·pra·gin·gi·val plaque

(sūpră-jinji-văl plak)
Plaque located on teeth below the gingival margin in the gingival crevice and periodontal pockets.
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Supragingival plaque may modify the effects of subgingival bacteria on attachment loss.
Powder from sub- and supragingival plaque removal using power stream devides.
The reduction in the CFU counts in this group may be attributed to the mechanical dislodging or "washing away" of loose supragingival plaque that formed within the 24-hour period or to the inactivation of viable bacteria by the distilled water.
It is a broad spectrum antimicrobial agent which has proven effective for preventing supragingival plaque formation and reducing gingivitis.
14 There is also alveolar and marginal bone loss and gingival recession12 (fig 3) due to orthodontic tipping forces pushing supragingival plaque subgingivally.
Mateu and others conducted a double-blind clinical study of 94 individuals and concluded that the triclosan/copolymer dentifrice "is efficacious for the control of established supragingival plaque and gingivitis.
Manacapuru, AM, Brazil) inserted to the depth of the gingival sulcus after removal of supragingival plaque.
The role of supragingival plaque in the prevention and treatment of periodontal diseases.
There is substantial evidence that a marketed mouthrinse containing a fixed combination of essential oils significantly reduces and inhibits supragingival plaque and gingivitis.
The effect of a new electric toothbrush on supragingival plaque and gingivitis.