Lying dorsal to the anterior or posterior cardinal veins in the embryo.
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Lastly, the supracardinal veins appear with the right system persisting to form the infrarenal segment of IVC and the left system regressing.
No embryologic remnants of the supracardinal veins are noted on the right side of the aorta.
Regardless of the theory, we find that the failure of the supracardinal vein to persist as IVC is a common point [17].
La porcion infrarrenal de la vena cava inferior se forma a partir de la anastomosis de las venas subcardinalsupracardinal con la supracardinal derecha [1,2] (figura 4).
It involves a complex process comprising 3-pairs of embryogenic veins: posterior cardinal (iliac and confluent), subcardinal (renal and hepatic) and supracardinal (prerenal).
In the thoracic region, the supracardinal veins give rise to the azygos and hemiazygos veins.
The post-hepatic IVC develops between the sixth and eighth weeks of embryonic life as a composite structure formed from the continuous appearance and regression of three paired embryonic veins, the posterior cardinal, the subcardinal, and the supracardinal veins.
1) Failure of the left caudal supracardinal vein to regress results in persistent communication between the left common iliac vein and the left renal vein.
The authors suggest the explanation for this varying pattern based on this step of the embryological development of the right renal vein: There was an error on the fusion of the branches to the dorsal mesonephros derived from the right postcardinal vein, the dorsal-medial branches of the right supracardinal vein and the ventral branches of the right subcardinal vein (the latter represented by the IRRV, marked by the presence of its gonadal tributary (Gillot).
Here, we present a case of vena caval duplication (Left sided IVC probably due to a persistent left supracardinal vein] with normal tributaries to main IVC.
It derives from a complex embryogenic process beginning at the sixth week of gestation and involving three pairs of primitive veins (posterior cardinal, subcardinal, and supracardinal veins) that appear and regress anastomozing in the final IVC.