Above the anus.
Synonym(s): superanal
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supraanal localization with sphincter involvement).
Supraanal plate irregularly trapezoid; subabal plate irregularly conical, blunted apically.
1A Posterior margin of 10th abdominal tergite adjacent to supraanal plate concave, curved inwards 2 2A.
The name refers to the subconical/conical tubercle on the heel as well as to the pair of small conical supraanal warts (each place could be termed an "end").
Skin of dorsum finely shargeen with scapular tubercles and thin dorsolateral folds (least evident posteriorly); skin of flanks bearing more numerous larger tubercles on shagreen background; skin of venter smooth but with granulations posterolateral and posteriorly; discoidal folds evident, well anteriad to groin; no anal sheath; pair of conical supraanal warts (Fig.
Females also differ by the strongly medially expanded mesothorax, differently shaped anal segment and much wider, distinctly transverse and rounded supraanal plate (Fig.
Males'cerci and supraanal plate drawings were performed using a Motic stereomicroscope model K-400L equipped with a drawing device SP10.
Abdomen strongly compressed in males, not so in females, the tip scarcely enlarged as seen from above, upturned only by its inferior curve; margins of the subgenital plate not ampliate at the base, straight, well rounded and entire apically, extending beyond the tip of the supraanal plate by about half the length of the latter.
ugenoensis is thus different from species of the Parepistaurus deses group sensu Green (1998), in not having a tapering supraanal plate; this group includes P.
deses, longer than the supraanal plate, while in P.
Supraanal plate of male triangular, slightly ligulate at tip, with a pair of large transverse black bosses near the tip, and two weak longitudinal rows of small black spots proximally.