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(sŭ-pŏz′ĭ-tō-rē) plural.suppositories [L. suppositorium, something placed underneath]
A semisolid substance for introduction into the rectum, vagina, or urethra, where it dissolves. It may be used to stimulate a bowel movement, but often serves as a vehicle for medicines to be absorbed. It is commonly shaped like a cylinder or cone and may be made of soap, glycerinated gelatin, or cocoa butter (oil of theobroma).

Patient care

Privacy is provided. The nurse instructs the patient to retain the suppository for about 20 min for effectiveness as a laxative, and for as long as possible (until it dissolves and medication is absorbed) when it is a vehicle, and positions the patient appropriately. The suppository is lubricated and inserted into the appropriate orifice. For neurological rehabilitation, a rectal suppository may be used by the patient after instruction in bowel management. The nurse checks with the patient about effectiveness and notes that in the chart.

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The rising popularity and demand for suppositories have been necessitated by a number of factors and benefits that come from their use.
Rising is a supplier of generic medicines in the US, and the launch of Mesalamine Suppositories, adds to the company's robust and expanding human pharmaceutical franchise.
The family filed a lawsuit against the hospice, alleging negligence in failing to release the remaining 20 morphine suppositories and in abandoning the patient by discharging him.
One such item that has been subject to a small amount of research are vitamin E suppositories.
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The selection of products offered under the Alvedon brand is especially wide and includes various different delivery formats, ranging across tablets, meltlets, suppositories and effervescent products as well as paediatric oral suspensions.
The Whippany facility is capable of developing manufacturing and finishing oral dosages, liquids, suppositories and sterile ointments including the ability to do all dosage forms for DEA Schedule I-V.
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Tramadol suppositories are less suitable for post-operative pain relief than rectal acetaminophen/codeine.
That's what most migraine sufferers do, whether it's a particular painkiller, the use of suppositories if vomiting is a problem, or a combination of different analgesics.
Our concern is the author's editorializing that enemas and suppositories are "invasive" and that "...