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adjective Pertaining to a Pt management philosophy in which only the Sx of a particular condition are treated; supportive measures are often taken when no specific and/or effective therapy is available or accessible–eg, viral meningitis, or exotic infections

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Q. Is there any clinical evidence to support to my question? Can acupuncture help reduce the pain in fibromyalgia? Is there any clinical evidence to support to my question?

A. Yes, acupuncture therapy can reduce the fatigue, widespread pain and sleep problems associated with fibromyalgia. If acupuncture can be used in place of pain reliever then its good as the side effect associated with pain relievers are reduced.

Q. how should i support my wife during this tough period?

A. first of all don't call it a tough period. a happy period might work better. although the wife can get annoyed by it. but she'll get annoyed from anything... just try to make her comfortable. foot massage , bubble baths, movies and popcorn.
it really depends on what kind of person is she and what she likes or not.


Q. How can I go about finding a free depression support group where I live? would like to find a depression support group in my area. How do I go about finding one? Google searches are turning up nothing.

A. Call the help desk or receptionist of your local or nearest hospital or medical clinic.

You could go to an AA meeting in your local community. A lot of people there are depressed. That's what those meetings do for people, they are a support group.

You could also start one and put a community notice in your local paper.

Get together with others you trust and talk.

Call home and talk.

Find a friend and talk.

I pray. God listens.

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Once complete, the site will include affordable, market rate and permanent supportive apartments, a community facility, neighborhood retail space and open space.
Evidence illustrated by this teacher/researcher's experience, survey results, and research literature, indicate the importance of supportive relationships and how crucial they ate to individual success.
Additionally, the Administration's proposed DON score increase from 29 to 37 will have an immediate negative effect on approximately 47 percent of the current 6,000 Medicaid residents living in Supportive Living communities by moving them to another setting that has no Medicaid support, and many potential residents will be turned away.
The findings suggest that many nonspecific elements of psychotherapy, which are estimated to account for a large percentage of the effect of psychotherapy in older adults according to prior psychotherapy research, are captured by supportive psychotherapy.
The organization's mission is to provide supportive housing to low income persons and those who are homeless, disabled or unable to care for themselves.
According to the index, businesses perceive trade creditors to be the most supportive creditors - but less so then they were six months ago.
Supportive managers who base their decisions on circumstances rather than "the book," report less stress and greater productivity than employees who work for managers who are inflexible.
Three are HUD programs: the Section 202 Supportive Housing for the Elderly Program, which subsidizes multifamily properties for elderly households with very low incomes; the Assisted Living Conversion Program, which subsidizes the conversion of HUD-subsidized multifamily properties into assisted living facilities; and the Section 232 Mortgage Insurance Program, which insures mortgages for licensed facilities that provide varying levels of skilled care and services.
Malik continued, "Members of Parliament, Ashok Argal and Shripad Naik are personally supportive of Aethlon's HIV trials in India.
Born and raised in Robinson, West Virginia, Eddie grew up in a financially challenged, but extremely supportive family.

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