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An apparatus intended to hold in place a dependent or pendulous part, prolapsed organ, or joint.
See also: support.
Synonym(s): support (2)
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Tim's supporters strove to hold him off the floor so that his hand would still be above the grasping hands that shot up.
Upon this terrific denunciation, the supporters of the two candidates interfered, and after the friends of each party had quarrelled in pairs, for three-quarters of an hour, Horatio Fizkin, Esquire, touched his hat to the Honourable Samuel Slumkey; the Honourable Samuel Slumkey touched his to Horatio Fizkin, Esquire; the band was stopped; the crowd were partially quieted; and Horatio Fizkin, Esquire, was permitted to proceed.
leaving a supporter of opposition All Liberian Party Candidate Telia Urey and two females of her campaign team allegedly flogged by people believed to supporters of the governing
Another supporter, Elizabeth Madome said having a team playing in the BTC Premiership could help revive the economy of Selebi Phikwe.
The idea originated from supporter Simon Baty and received plenty of attention and Black Cats owner Stewart Donald tweeted supporting it.
SD was formed to establish supporter interaction with local communities and engagement with clubs, with the ultimate aim of encouraging community ownership of football clubs where possible.
The celebration event even crossed the border a a congratulatory video ad was aired on a billboard at Times Square in New York, with a Moon supporter residing in the United States placing the ad.
The SCG was a forum which allowed the club to regularly meet with fans and fulfil its obligations under the EFL's rules on supporter consultation and engagement.
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The Queen Vic in EastEnders brings out the Welsh flags as Wales prepares for Belgium I AM a Wales football supporter ...
An effective conversion funnel, the track a supporter takes navigating a website and finally converting to an action, is a vital part of the process in turning casual viewers into long-term supporters.

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