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An apparatus intended to hold in place a dependent or pendulous part, prolapsed organ, or joint.
See also: support.
Synonym(s): support (2)
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Tim's supporters strove to hold him off the floor so that his hand would still be above the grasping hands that shot up.
That deeply seated love of vengeance, which formed so prominent a feature in their characters, was gratified by his metaphorical allusions, and the chief himself augured favourably of the success of his own schemes, by the number of supporters, who manifested themselves to be in favour of the counsels of his friend.
The SCG was a forum which allowed the club to regularly meet with fans and fulfil its obligations under the EFL's rules on supporter consultation and engagement.
Supporters can purchase one ticket per qualifying supporter for up to a maximum of TEN tickets per transaction.
The Queen Vic in EastEnders brings out the Welsh flags as Wales prepares for Belgium I AM a Wales football supporter .
Another Marcos supporter from Pampanga province, who refused to give her name, said the group was there not to protest, but to let Marcos know of its support.
Despite being a Leeds United supporter, he had nothing but praise for the Town fans he was 'policing.
An effective conversion funnel, the track a supporter takes navigating a website and finally converting to an action, is a vital part of the process in turning casual viewers into long-term supporters.
This resulted in gunfire were an HDP supporter reportedly shot at two rival party supporters, who later died, having succumbed to injury.
Cardiff City welcomes the work undertaken by the Supporters Trust and will discuss their findings in a meeting with supporter group representatives," said a club spokesman.
Student LIAM ROBINSON, 16, of Low fell, a supporter for four years said: "Could the town ask for anymore?

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